Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nato Attack

 Nato's president wrote a memo to Pakistani prime Minister, regarding the Mehmand Agency incident and said that all the soldiers were killed unintentionally. The investigation regarding this matter has been started and he has further mentioned in letter that they all need co-operation from Pakistan.
    In Pakistan many people protested against such disheartening attacks and their reaction was quite intense. Many rallies were conducted, invisible Namaz-e-Janaza was performed,people shouted out their slogans against America, all this was done by the suffering people to articulate their emotions to the insensitive government.

   The protesters also urged that we should stay separate from the fight that is in process in Afghanistan between America and Nato and also their supply line from Pakistan should also be blocked permanently.

Foreign Minister Of Pakistan, Hina Rabbani Khar in her conversation with American,British,German and Turkish politicians, said that this was an ultimate intolerable action and also that it has shaken Pakistan's ideology and individuality.

In the letter Nato's president has expressed his insensitivity to the Prime minister. Instead of being sorry and making sure that such heart wrenching incidents won't happen in future, he has in turn asked Pakistani nation to be patient. What did he mean? Was he trying to say that that this incident took place because of Pakistan's lack of co-operation? Are our innocent people or those poor soldiers who lost their lives on fault?

The truth is that the American and Nato forces present in Afghanistan are trying to take over Pakistan's independence.They find different excuses to throw their missiles on Pakistani territory. This is a conspiracy of Americans. They are taking complete advantage of their power.Every time Pakistan's loss happens our psychopath president and other knuckle head ministers and politicians receive calls and suppress the whole issue. We have seen so many examples already in the past the saddest one to be highlighted was the Raymond Davis incident. He killed to Pakistani citizens and still managed to return to America. This is totally insane. Our whole Pakistani Nation must wake up now because its high time to do something about it.We must not sit back and watch Pakistan's ground being red from the blood of innocent lives each day. they are also one of us and God forbade we could've been in their place too.

If Pakistan had killed 28 UN soldiers plus 175 innocent little children , would they have accepted the sorry of our politicians? would it be just a priority for then to investigate on this case?

America is doing all that because our own people are helping her, they are completely insincere and just for some small amount of money they sell themselves along with their conscience.There are so many American detectives existing in our country now and they can be exploited to harm Pakistan at any point in time.The network of CIA here has been extended and strengthened by the help of our own what shall i call them MONEY MANIACS.

To take out our whole nation from this situation its very important that now Pakistan has to look over her policy about the war between America and Nato instead of talking on phones and distracting our country people by taking more lives as they did on first muharram making people think that the incident took place due to cast differences, politicians must show enough courtesy to contact the UNO so that no one dares to hurt Pakistan's independence and ideology ever again.


  1. When your foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar arrives to India, we will send Imran Hashmi to welcome her...

  2. lol i think u guys should also send bhartia janta partya also may be she would change her mind to permanently staying there :D