Monday, December 3, 2012

Prank Mania

 I thought to do some conventional blogging here. Inspired by Tee’s and some other blogs I for the first time thought to doodle down thoughts and stories humming into my mind as well. So I tried and after a while somehow ended up in creating this. I really hope that the girl in the doodle proves to be someone associated to the female gender..*grins*

Some psychopath actually called me n said this last week lol btw thats not me in the doodle :P

This all happened in last week when I was gloriously happy and was having fun in my life, some douche leaked out my number. Those of you who belong to Pakistan would definitely be aware of the drill, females specifically. All hail to those pestering prank callers who leave no stone unturned to make one’s life miserable. At first they flood your cell phone with romantic poems and melodramatic messages and in the next moment the uninterrupted episodes of continuous phone calls get started. From the very famous fraandship text messages you would be provided with a variety of forward text messages followed by some vulnerable and unacceptable ones too. Apart from the crappy romantic texts I have to admit here that the jokes they send quite funny. This caller made my mid night’s sleep hell and kept sending his hordes of texts to distract me from my work as well.

There was another funny incident happened with me once, some guy who wanted to cut time I suppose as he was dying of boredom, first sent me “Fraandship” messages. He then inquired on text that if I don’t have credit, I didn’t reply again. He then sent free credit on my cell phone. I must mention here I was laughing uncontrollably on the other side over the craziness of that guy. But I still didn’t send him a reply to which he got infuriated and said

“Mera credit wapis karein pls!”

“Give me my credit back”

I replied to him in my mind with that menacing smile, LOL hell no dude.. So if you are a victim of these serial callers, don’t ever receive their calls or respond to their text messages no matter how pathetic they are. Also don’t receive any unknown call, I have learnt from my experience that by doing so you would only buy yourself more weeks of torture. If ignorance doesn’t work then take another step of blocking the number.
Stay Blessed! :) 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aesthetically Designed By Asad

I have some more designs to share made by Asad for me recently :D.. The same friend of mine who doodled for me on my birthday!. One of the latest designs is the typographical tribute for me, in which he has artistically designed my name, giving it an ultimate appealing and beautiful look!! Thank you my witty, affable and super genius friend :).. Honestly, to me having such skills at this age is sheer brilliance.. You can achieve anything in life only if you continue being awesome and keep up that firm belief in yourself the way you do now! I m also proud of the fact the you are my friend, people like you rarely exist on this planet. Thanks to Karachi tips I got to meet you and some other precious new friends who through their presence have turned the darker days of my life into endless sunny days.. Wish you all the best in life Asad.. Stay Blessed! :)

This is for boosting me up when I m at my low point

This is a Typographical Tribute for me , because I m his favorite person of the year 2012! :D 

This is for when I think silly stuff and pay heed to the most unimportant memories from past 

You can also check more of his and his best friend Zoha's artistic work on facebook by joining his fan page The Epic Fail Duo (

Monday, October 22, 2012

Love Is Like A Wind


Shakespeare died and left behind his famous quotes cherished by the world till now. Personally I have not come across anything that he has said about the ultimate serene feeling called love. But there is one saying by him that I know to be totally true and that is that “ Love Is Blind.”

These days I don’t see love anywhere, may be because most of the people I have witnessed confuse love with lust. Some make a mistake to fall in love with the ones who never love them back. The basically fall for a one sided affair. This is the cruelest form of love that makes a person believe that his life has been intoxicated with some sort of contaminated disease. Such people consider themselves as the unloved ones. But no matter in what form it touches one's life and how tragically and inexplicably it ends, this would always remain as the most pure feeling in this world which in the end it always teaches us something good and something better comes out of it.

Love has this sheer power to alternate and flourish our life. It has this capability to refine it and turn the darkest days of life into endless sunny days. Even if it longs for a short time it leaves the most beautiful memories that never fade away. The purest form of love can never be seen it can only be felt by a clear heart.

Love is kind. Its neither rude nor resentful or selfish. It is patient and always forgiving. Love always stays ready to face any sort of challenge that life brings with it, it helps a person to remain steady and provide rapturous strength to endure anything smilingly. The only thing that love finds delight in, is Truth.
Keep loving everyone around you and make sure feelings of hatred for anyone never stay for longer period in your heart. Cleanse it by being forgiving and awesome!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My City Cried Again

Where rain had brought with it so many happy moments, another saddening incident has struck Karachi. More than 300 people have lost their lives so far with the death toll still increasing.

Many people claim that our filthy politicians are conspiring against the citizens by creating such traps. Heart-wrenching scenes were witnessed on screen by our media. The survivors claimed that the exit doors of the burnt garment fact factory were closed.

People who have lost their loved ones are unable to recognize the bodies and many of those who have survived have become handicapped now due to jumping down from the flaming factory. The reason behind the eruption of fire within the factory has not been found yet.

May ALLAH grant paradise to the departed souls and forgive their sins that they committed intentionally and unintentionally. Heartiest condolences to the grief- stricken families  of the victims.  If that is true that this heart-rending incident was conducted on purpose by any party to distract the minds of the citizens, then i curse them. I wish they also go through the pain which the poor families of those people are enduring right now. They also get to know how it feels to lose a son, how a heart tears when one loses his mother,sister, brother. May Allah keep our country safe from such evil acts of selfishness (if it is carried out intentionally) also if it happened naturally in future. For us who are safe must try to re stitch the broken heart of this city by spreading positivity and not giving up our hopes.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seize The Moment

Hi Readers,

I hope you all are doing well. I have so much to write today.I have been experiencing so many mixed feelings inside me since so many daysand  that was why also I was absent from here for so long. Everytime I tried to come up with some write up it always turned out to be a sad one. So inorder to save my blog from being a place for me to rant I deleted those posts. I realized that I have became a whiner a pessimist and this was doing no good to me.It is so rightly said by someone

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

May be I was going through the guilt phase, guilt of making wrong friends, guilt of considering her the most important part of my life, where all she did was hated me. Today she wants me to be her best friend again. Whereas I here consider that bond that we had in between us a joke now. I hope she reads it, as I have recently found out that she loves to stalk on me till now. Initially it was hard for me to forget you, but today when all those saddening memories have started to fade away you seriously want me to have you back in my life?. Haha you know what, I can't afford to give up on the peace that I have in my life today due to your absence also I have somehow forgiven myself for being such a jerk to trust you blindly. So sorry, find someone else to manipulate with your cheesy words and crocodile tears, because I am totally not interested :)

P.s it finally rained here yesterday. It was sorely awaited by Karachiites due to the scorching heat, although the weather has become pleasant now but still not upto my expectation. Yesterday was beautiful (*grins*) first it rained heavily in the morning. I was outside with my mother to buy some grocceries on car when it started raining heavily. Driving is so much more enjoyable when its raining on the road.

Sparkling drops of rain are LOVE
Along with so many kids jumping and screaming with joy I saw something crazy and unusual lol. I saw a gay dancing on the road, his dancing steps seemed to be socially awkward, but oh well it was his way to have fun in that weather  :D. As for my part, I enjoyed the it by taking lots of pictures of wet soothing leaves and shiny droplets of rain. I planned to make brownies for myself too but after power cut I was too tired to bake anything.

 Secondly our team performed outstandingly well in T20 against Austrailia. There were so many twitteratis tweeted that this the the worst defeat of Aussies till now. This news was so comforting for us Pakistanis :P. Haha I hope we win the upcoming match also, that would be held on 7th September.

While I was watching so many happy faces and experienced the positivity that came along with rain, apart of me that was suppressed somewhere wanted to relive gain, as if it wanted to counteract the dominance of the sad soul that prevails in me sometimes :P.I felt it shouting that instead of mourning over your past mistakes and getting scared of what future holds in it for you embrace the moment of now. The more love you would give to your own life the more it would love you back. You yourself are the star of your own life's story.

In any moment you can reincarnate, in any moment you can feel like you are born all over again.Forgive people who are responsible for humiliating you in order to have peace with the past and do your best to move on.Make the most of your present, future would itself become beautiful.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

There Are No Confines Of Care

I was called in SIUT to jot down this story, it became very poignant to me because of its depth and the fact that it was my first experience ..Thought to share it with you all..

She was the third daughter of Mr and Mrs Haider along with two elder brothers and three younger sisters.Life deprived her of her father a few years ago and now her mother was everything for the entire family.

"I am experiencing alot of pain these days in my left kidney", said Mrs Haider.

Her mother was a diabetic patient who was on insulin from a couple of years.Sara initially thought the pain wasn't that severe and her mother would get fine on her own. But that day it seemed intense and she was the only one available at home at that time, concerned for her mother's plight she right away took her to SIUT. After examining her for a few minutes doctor declared it as an emergency case.

Doctor asked Sara to inform the elders in the family.Because of fear her heart started to beat a little bit faster and with a choking voice tone she asked the him if their was something serious. She requested the doctor to confide in, the news,to her, as she takes part in most of the decision making sessions at home.Thus he then revealed this disheartening news upon Sara that her mother needed a kidney donor immediately. He further said that they must not delay more because there were chances for her case to become worse and she might die.

Sara kept gazing at him for a few seconds, then in the next moment she abruptly replied at once,

"You can have my kidney,"

Doctor was startled at this sudden decision and coerced her to reconsider by discussing it with other family members.When Sara's family came to know about it, they were also reluctant for her to take this huge step.The other siblings tried if they could donate their organ but according to variable tests their mother was only accepting her kidney. Sara's family members then decided to make its arrangement from somewhere else but Sara prohibited them from doing that, because she believes that only a biological child can sarifice an organ for his parent and nobody else on the planet would agree to do that.

Thus after painful discussions amongst hospital's consultants Sara was chosen to bestowe her mother with this second life to live.People in her vicinity tried to distract her and etched fears in her mind regarding kidney transplants, but she stayed determined throughout and bravely went through all the soul crushing procedures of transplantation.

Before leaving for the operation Sara's mother on the way clasped her hand, when Sara glanced back at her she found her mother's eyes welled up with tears. She then gently held her hand and told her that everything would be alright.

In this universe everything is planned for us in the form of our destiny, Sara was also destined to perform this wonderful act of goodness which latter in a way changed her life. There was another lady who used to come to SIUT for her son, suffering from kidney problems. She became Sara's friend after a few chit-chat sessions   between them.

One fine day she contacted Freeda who was a receptionist there, she secretly asked her to give her Sara's contact number, through her she then approached Sara's family and asked her hand for her son. Sara's family agreed to this. After a few weeks her wedding was pursued cheerfully with lots of celebrations and joy.

Today Allah has blessed Sara with a baby boy whom she has named as Ahmed and they all are living a happy and contented life together.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Life


I was sitting idle right now in my office, so felt like blogging. Things are going great at my end these days.I was listening to this track right now because it was humming in my head again since morning..

Last Sunday which happened to be my first holiday and only holiday ever since my internship started..sigh.., I went to Glorea Jeans with my adorable and super cute school friend Tazeen (Tazzo). As I get only one holiday now after the tiring week, I made sure that it does not get ruined and I have a great time. After the cancellation of so many plans before we finally met at Glorea. The whole meetup went amazing and we both had hell lot of fun. It felt so good to remember our old school days again and how crazy we were, which we still are actually, irrespective of the fact that we are strangely getting old each year *grins*

Time flew by so fast and we were so involved in our chit chat sessions and taking photographs, that we didn't even realize that it was getting late haha until my mom call and asked "Kahan hoo!!". There is no substitute for school friends, they are the most beautiful people who touch our lives and bestowe us with the best memories to cherish our entire life

Thats all for today~ 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Change Is For Good


My summer internship has started off and I am having a really great time at my new office. I have gotten a chance to experience new people, observe new things, make new friends its really exciting Alhumdulillah and so I am trying to make the most of it. Though I really miss home and my parents alot here..*sigh*

Change keeps happening each and every second on this earth. Even the most beautiful has to go through metamorphosis. It can change your entire life in a moment.Good change is always exciting and we don't find any sort of difficulty in dealing with it. But when the change is bad, it can be at times easily ignorable but sometimes it can be devastating, we cannot control what happens in our life but its always in our hands how we deal with all time existing changes in our lives.So always keep a positive mindset towards your life to make it beautiful and inspiring for others.

I'll keep this post short, wanted to write more, but i have got plenty of work to finish off at the moment, i might come back tomorrow..

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Impulsive Actions

We often see things the way we want them to be seen

Life every day offers us challenging situations, which if dealt wisely, then things go smoothly till the end of the day, but if something goes bad, we are left feeling frazzled, exhausted and worn out.Thus if at that moment someone comes up to us and does something for suppose stupid, we burst out into anger, without realizing that we are overreacting, by taking out our frustration on that person who can be our loved one or a complete stranger. But this doesn't help us at all, instead a tinge of guilt dominates our feelings and we regret for our behavior later.

We become so selfish at times because that we start seeing things only in the way we want to see them. Suppose you are in your car, in the middle of the road, you cannot move ahead because you are stuck in a traffic jam,suddenly a motorcyclist and a bus driver appear, who keep buzzing their horns over your head.No doubt you would start flaming within a nano second at this, but cursing would not be the right thing to do. Rather remaining silent and ignoring such people is the best way to handle such situation.

Before speaking we must always be careful with our choice of words. Because everybody in life has a mess to deal with and resolve problems which their lives offer them as well.They can be in the form of discontention towards life, fighting addiction, grieving for the loss of a loved one etc.Many people are not good with expressing themselves. They may apparently look like as if  they are the happiest but there might be a chance that in reality they are distressed and are going through some hell. So always think wisely before you react upon any stimulus because every good word that comes out from your mouth can be a source of comfort for the other person.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Thank you Asad ^ __^
So its my birthday today.I am so much overwhelmed by ample of wishes I have been receiving since last night till now. My cell phone and facebook are flooded with wishes , Alhumdulillah.I am feeling so blessed today.My friends and family have made these years of my life the greatest.The pic that you are seeing here has been made by my little super talented friend Asad Ali, isn't it cute?.. Thank you for fulfilling your promise, I wish you meet your favorite LadyGaga soon someday (*grins*).P.s I also remember my promise :D

Today the first thing I did was, I thanked my mother, because she was the only one who endured so much pain and went through alot just for my sake, so that I open my eyes and breathe in this world. No doubt she is an undeniable source of comfort. My parents have always been my source of strength during the moments of despair. Seriously no matter how hard we try we can never ever pay back the debt of favors upon us,by our parents. May ALLAH always keep their shadow upon us all of us. These precious gems are truly angels in human disguise in our lives who love us unconditionally.

So I am a year older now and hopefully wiser :P.Last year was so so good to me.I experienced so many happy infact happiest moments in it. I'll never forget this year for blessing me with so many talented and loveable friends who have made me realize that life is not that difficult to be lived.I have so many plans for this new year of my life as well. The most major plan is to strive more harder to become a better person in my personal and professional lives. I really wish my creator blesses me with enough potential to face the upcoming challenges of life boldly and also I become more stronger than last year.Because there is no place in this world for sensitive people, thats what I have learnt from my past experiences.On contrary I also hope that this year brings with it lots of happy moments and memories for me and my little family,that we would cherish forever.

Oh, I forgot to tell u all something, my mother just told me that we might be going out for dinner tonight. Haha I am really excited to have lots of food there and satisfy my appetite, since I feel hungry for my type of food most of the time :P.

I have to go now, stay blessed! <3

Monday, April 23, 2012


So I just typed a post today but in another moment I deleted it completely. This is the first time ever that I have done something like that over here. May be because previously most of my posts were pretty much saddening. I don't want to make my blog a sad place which makes the mood of my beloved readers low every time.

I have been missing posting here a lot, writing heals the pain and provides me strange kind of happiness and comments from you all are always over whelming.Tomorrow is my exam. I have to study for it as well, although its not pretty much tough.

Conditions of metropolis are under control since yesterday, but still our whole country is upset due to a recent loss of 127 lives in Bhoja airline's crash. May the departed souls be granted place in paradise and the families ,of all those passengers who were on that ill fated flight, be blessed with patience and strength to endure this pain of most difficult time of lives. Ameen

That was all for now..Gotta go

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Survivor's Philosophy

Picture suggested by Abdul Rahim(artisan  ) 

The city of lights does not happen to be same anymore. The daily life routine here gets paralyzed at anytime, at the whim of any politician. A mobile phone or any other materialistic possession is considered more valuable than human life, the looters easily stab the citizens without even considering to give a second thought to this cruel act.A new trend of killing has been seen in past riots  i.e if a single member of any political party gets assassinated, its necessary to kill 100 more innocent people in the name of protest. The supporters of so many families have been killed mercilessly so far and such conditions of the metropolis are getting worse instead of  being better

It has become the utmost desire of every Karachiite to lead a normal sedentary lifestyle,which seems to be quite impossible in a country which is lead by filthy politicians.In our city there are two types of survivors existing. Firstly the ones who love their country from the depth of their heart and the other category includes those people who don't have any other option than to live here. But still no matter to which category you belong to, the point is you are living here and you happen to be a lucky survivor.

By now we all have become quite resilient. Most of us must' ve had experienced the fear of being mugged or heard crazy stories of violent experiences from other family members. But a positive survivor must never give up on living life to its fullest here. All one desires here is that his her family here lives a safe and secure life. But there's no point in suffocating ourselves at home and feeling like as if we are living in some kind of a cage. If a tragedy is to strike it can strike at home too.

Its always good to take appropriate measures though every time before going out. In order to keep your precious cell phone from being snatched its better to take a simplest set as a substitute outside,keeping in mind that precautionary measures are always better than regretting for your stuff in the end, the ladies here have become so cautious that they don't prefer wearing their expensive gold jewellery anymore.

Most importantly by the end of experiencing every violent act all we try is to stay as sanely as possible.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Street Children

Ever since I have started driving, there are so many things that come across my sight each day, some of which are likeable and some are not. Amongst the ones I hate, seeing street children here and there hurts me the most. Poverty and begging is not something uncommon in our country anymore and is disliked by almost everyone who keeps heart.

Through them all of us must've had learnt something so far. Every time I feel like ranting and complaining about the obstacles that come my way, I put myself in their position and wonder that there must've been any good deed practiced by my parents that today we our not in their place.

The situations and circumstances they face are heart wrenching.These children go through the most bitter experiences of emotional and mental abuse.Little innocent girls are subjected to harassment. They strive everyday to satisfy their hungry stomach. Some of them are  the migrants who come from the other countries. They beg in order to send money to their parents or foster parents back at home.These children are not provided with jobs because of illiteracy, unemployment and also in some cases because they donot belong here.

Many religious extremists are also evolved among these innocent beings. The reason behind these children choosing this path is not only because they go to unauthentic madrassahs, its also the feelings of helplessness, insecurity and fear of being abducted that make them get involved into wrong doings.Everyday a new disheartening story emerges in their vicinity, due to which they end up feeling vulnerable.The only option they feel then is to get involved into suspicious activities and we are forced to see them with the flash of incrimination in our eyes, without considering how traumatizing their side of the story would be.

What amazes me the most is that despite of being deprived of all the essential facilities of life, they manage to smile. I once gave a little girl who was asking for money an eclairs with some coins, and was startled to see her so happy, she kept waving me goodbye smilingly, until I was gone. At that time I realized how lonely these children are, they don't want money only, they need attention,love, counseling, security and care. I know its impossible for us to totally lessen up their problems.We always give charity and wish that the lives of these children gets better whereas we can do alot more than that.

 Whenever we come across such children, we must talk to them politely and share a bit of ourselves like exchanging names and asking them what is their favorite game, what they like, this would definitely mean alot to them.Gift them colorful stuff like pens, crayons or anything that has colors, they would definitely find fun in having them.Make them feel that even if its for a moment, you do CARE. Through these little acts you would for sure leave a positive mark on their lives.

Another great way to make them happy and feel special is through digital camera. These kids love it if someone takes their pictures. Haha! you won't need to ask them to pose for you they would themselves start making funny and wacky faces. My maid who is now in Punjab once did this.

 One morning she said" Baaji apnay phone say meri aik photo lelein " 

I said ok and took one,you all won't believe just because I fulfilled this tiny wish of her, she started bringing flowers for me everyday. That was so overwhelming for me.

So always treat these lovable creatures with affection and donate as much as possible, because a prayer that comes out from an innocent heart can change your messed up life within a moment. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pleasant Emotions


There are so many people who come into our lives and pass by after leaving a positive mark on it but there are many who inspire us to a large extent just by their virtual presence.Lol a few years back I used to laugh at people who used to mail in Auntie agni's column in Dawn newspaper that we have fallen in love with this xyz girl or guy just because of their profile picture, until and unless this happened with me. I never met her, never ever talked to her, but still through her virtual presence she became my mentor and made me learn so many lessons of life, most importantly the one to remain optimistic in every crazy situation that comes your way and gear up the courage to say to life that bring it on, then watch me!!. I had started reading her blog during the shittiest days of my life , when everything was going wrong and I was becoming totally negative towards my life. I had experienced so many losses regarding my so called loved ones.Yes I am talking about our friend, inspirer and lovable by everyone Umme Kulsoom ( Kulsoom Baji :) ). She changed my views towards life through her smile and amazing write ups.

 I got the honor to read her blog through a friend's profile and then started reading it regularly. Soul of life reflected her passion, energy, optimism and how we can smilingly and courageously she makes every situation so perfect. Sometimes the conditions are not in our control but its always upon us to chose to move on or keep mourning over the crap that life offers us.Every time I would get low I used to read Soul of life and a strange kind of positivity and enthusiasm would race into my heart.She made me learn not ever to complain from our creator and keep thanking HIM for every single blessing he has bestowed us upon with.Throughout ,her blog's each and every word has been so comforting and consoling.Lol the funny part was that the person behind this awesome blog was oblivious of the fact that how much I have been secretly admiring her.Though she was provided with the trailers by Abdullah and Fatima, whom I had recently told in the university that how much I adore her and how amazing she is lol.Abdullah said that I should meet her and since then I used to torture him in almost every text and every time when we would meet that tell Kulsoom Baji I miss her and all :P. But then I couldn't bear the excitement emerging in my heart to meet her so i contacted her if she could meet me and she replied in affirmative :)

In the beginning I was totally nervous but the moment she came by to Hardees all the nervousness automatically vanished away.A totally unpretentious person unlike other celebrities, she owes such a refreshing face and super cute smile. Her whole persona is so so inspiring and the best part of it is that she is an ultimate down to earth, pure hearted, fragile  and a really active person from the inside.I spoke my heart out and unburdened it and she also shared her life experiences. We laughed , we hugged each other and gave Hi5, there was total cheerfulness in the air Haha.The whole conversation part went so wonderful. Its so good to reminisce about the whole scenario of the meetup here. Oh and I baked her brownies too and later on when she told me that they turned out to be good I was like yayy!! Haha :). We really missed Abdullah and Fatima there. I felt bad that for there absence , sadly the plan was arranged all of a sudden and I couldn't inform them in time.Lol the working staff there was gazing at us with a smile, may be because of the fact that we were laughing out so loudly, but thats okay.. Haha its good to be crazy sometimes .Later after enjoying that chit chat session that I am surely gonna cherish my whole life and also enjoying our scrumptious meal we hugged each other and departed from the restaurant.I sat on the rickshaw, took a last glance of her innocent face and then we both waved Goodbye to each other.

Thank you would be a very very small word if I use here.Despite of her hell busy schedule she managed to take out time for me and came all the way from Tariq Road.You have no idea Kulsoom Baji how HUGE this is for me and how much special that has made me feel. I want to confess one more thing here that after meeting You, Abdullah. Fatima Baakh, Bilal and entire KTBT blog team I feel like ALLAH has listened to my silent prayer.There was a time when I used to wish that I get surrounded by atleast a few positive people who won't pass silly and senseless judgmental comments just to obscure their own flaws. Haha and Almighty Allah blessed me with so many. People like you all are like angels who are so compassionate and keep spreading the unconditional love amongst everybody.. Thank you loads for all the appreciation and love. I LOVE you Kulsoom Baji and the entire Karachi Tips family.. May you all keep influencing more people and leave a positive impact on their lives, stay blessed always! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012



Hugging is the gesture when practiced towards someone shows that person that how much you care for them. A sincere honest hug always expresses your gratitude towards the other person.Sometimes we hug someone spontaneously in our emotions of joy and sometimes in the moment of sorrows its gets quite difficult to say that we them them but we badly do, we sometimes actually crave for someone to hug us. Hugs make us feel warm and also we can sense the strong presence of the other person for whom we mean a lot and off course that person becomes closer to us as well.

Even the hardest heart melts with one hug.Sometimes a person standing right behind you apparently seems to be quite happy and contended in his life, but there can be a possibility that he is just pretending to be this way, whereas deep down inside he's struggling to get a grip of himself, trying to counteract his demons and fears. He might be shattered but may be he just doesn't want to tell the wold that he is tearing apart from the inside. That person can be us also. Because bad times don't come with an alarm bell and life can turn over to its dark page unexpectedly at any point in time.  So it is very necessary to be atleast enough expressive that whenever you feel like sharing your feelings with your closest ones you should tell them and without any hesitation let them know that " Dude I need a HUG" Phaleeez. Because its always useless to stay silent and let yourself to deteriorate from the inside.

Always remember hugging is a gesture that intensifies each and every relation.You know what, in your hugging list your parents must always be on the top of the list. So get up and hug them for being the super coolest people on the planet earth. Whatever you are and whatever you will become it would be only because of their sleepless efforts for bringing you up.

Le me leaving now.. Will catch up with you guys soon! Take care <3

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Manne Di Mauj - Hadiqa Kiani

Last night I was very stressed out, because I had a quite rough day at university. For the first time ever since I joined twitter I made a lot of posts there, n u guys won't believe I stayed awake till five O'clock in the morning . A friend of mine Zain,from Karachi Tips helped me to get back into my joyous mood again. Seriously for the first time I realized that tweeting is more fun than wasting your time on facebook. I guess I have started liking twitter more now than FB.

This song that I have shared is my all time favorite :) . Sung by Hadiqa Kiyani, Mane Di Mauj is one of her best compositions ever, in my view.The track is from her debutant album Raaz(1996). I love the lyrics, though I don't understand a word :P,but still I don't know there is some weird kind of affection in this song. It has been composed in regional language of Jammu and Kashmir.

A strange kind of happiness races into my heart whenever I listen to this track.The song takes me back into the time when life was a lot more towards simplicity and hassle factor wasn't there at all.I still remember the time when this song used to get televised on PTV and PTV home and I would get totally excited and would enjoy the song whole heartedly.

 Haha there is a crazy childhood memory also attached with this song that I would like o share here. I was eight years old and was at at my relative's place, where I was singing this song like a retard  and my aunt was listening to me secretly behind the door, after when i finished off she told everyone that i sounded like a punjabi while singing it :).

 Power cut is going to happen at any moment, so I guess I shall be leaving now, but i'll be posting here more soon.. till then take care love you all :)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So Good To Be Back! :)


Hello my dear fellows! :)

 I know you all must be thinking that I might have stopped blogging, but trust me its not liked that. I really missed my blog and posting here, all the time, during my absence.I was going through some sad stuff lately, but those who are responsible to make me sad, I don't feel like they are worthed to be discussed here.

I have decided that I have had enough complained about my life from my crease but now all I need to do is to thank and praise HIM, for all the blessings I have been bestowed upon.

 Oh and also I have been watching an ample amount of movies these days to keep my self distracted from any negative thought. Also you guys won't believe, I have been eating a too much, specially in this month, I have put on a lot of weight due excessive intake of carbs. So yeah I need to work on that part too.

P.S if you are a desi spicy cuisine lover, you need to try this unique dish called 'khausey'. It has plenty of spagetti, saucy chicken n curry in it, followed by some crispy stuff as a topping.

 In the end I have to say something, I want to make my blog a priority in my life, I hope I do make it, because I can speak my heart out here and share with you all the stuff of my life which I wouldn't want to reveal upon the cruel world because nobody cares there, you just have to take the urge of keeping that cheesy smile on your face, pretending that everything is going awesome in your life, when in actual its not.

No matter how much I manage to post here in future, but you guys are always on my mind during my absence. I LOVE you all and always will!

 Take care everybody... *Waving hand * (grins).

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sardi and Garmi Monsoon In Karachi

bazaar's soup..YummYummmm :)

Ok so I wrote this article for Karachi tips while it was raining. But sadly it stopped by the time I finished writing it! lol. So I thought I should post it here. Btw I had to write it in Minglish :).

We all love rain. It is the only forever true shower for the whole universe.In Karachi rain is considered as a huge blessing by the creator.All citizens crave for it throughout the year and when it finally rains they get totally crazy about it.They come out of their houses to fulfill their utmost desire of enjoying the weather to the fullest.

Karachiites are ultimately resilient, who do not believe in locking up themselves in their houses from the fear of being struck by any violent act.Getting wet in rain here, is considered as the most amazing enjoyment here.During summers,every time when it rains, gali k larkay to play cricket whereas some prefer to play basket ball on their terrace.The lovely view to see little children, searching for papers to make boats and the way they excitedly with grinning faces they leave them on the water floating by the pavements, is so cute that it takes one back to his own childhood memories.

Young girls get dressed up in their brightest outfits and with the umbrella in their hands they walk on foot towards the nearest jalebi and samosay wala, who is for sure surrounded by ample of people in this awesome weather. Everyone anxiously waits for his turn with the only thought in mind that yaar Jaldise baari aaey and I can have these heavenly delicious mouth watering Jalebiyaaan in my mouth.

The weather in summers after rain becomes so pleasant that it seriously becomes must to give a visit to the beach.Oh!!! How can i forget to mention the yummy crispy pakoraas here.Trust me guys having ghar k banay huay ammi k haath k pakoray, served with green sauce hamesha proves to be the best moonsoon treat ever.Moreover thandii lassi which if drunk in mitti ka glass specifically does wonders. Ok, so I am DROOLING now.

The whole view after rain,mitti ki khushbu,the green plants,rainbow (if it shows up in the sky),everything is so mesmerizing. It feels like we are viewing nature in its new fresh look.

Though the scenario of raining in winter is a bit different. Karachiites donot go out if it drizzles during winter because they know that going out wo bhi itnii thittarti hui sardi main , would be a really bad idea , Pakka Kulfii Jam Jaegi!! So they enjoy by staying at home usually.

Since winter comes with the variety of seasonal vegetables, carrots top the list amongst all of them.During barish we Karachi k log LOVE having garam garam Gajar ka halwa, dry fruits, Aloo bharay parathay and many other delicious desi dishes aur Thelay wala chicken corn soup tou Ufff!! <3.Also if you are crazy enough to have icecream and risk yourself from getting sore throat afterwards, in this freezing cold after rain, then do go for it!!!Atleast aik Jet Spot tou zaruuuri hai janab.

Children entertain themselves by playing ludo,playstation and other indoor games whereas teenagers have fun by inviting their friends and cousins to watch movies at their place on by going out for a long drive together.

I enjoy my monsoon in winter by sitting on a comfy couch , beside my room window, to read a book and grab myself a cup of Doodh patti ki chai or hot coffee sometimes. This is a kind of joy for me.  Although when it rains heavily , roads get flooded with water due to poor drainage system, because of which many citizens face a lot of difficult situations. But still we Karachiites stay optimistic and get over everything quite soon, because we LOVE our city to BITS.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Has The Glory Been Restored?

After being fed up of all the India's K shows influenced Pakistani Dramas in almost all of the channels, I decided to buy Cd's of the old drams produced in the time of our parents. There is an old soul in me that makes me LOVE Dhoop kinaray,Tum Se Kehna Tha, Ann Kahi etc. I am a huge Marina Khan fan. Everytime I watch these drama's I reminisce those golden times of my childhood when I used to watch them on cd player with all family members, till late at night.

I had totally lost hope that our drama series could improve, because back in time the only thing I could see being televised was glamor, our directors and producers had this absurd and bizarre thing in their mind that the more the actors will expose themselves the more fame and fortune they'll gain.

But in 2010 and 2011 Pakistani drama's seem to have regained their previous decency and have become totally family oriented. Drama industry is now realizing that they should keep plagiarism aside and should portray our culture which is extremely beautiful in every way.From clothes to food,music to Sufism, its high time that Pakistani culture has to be celebrated all over the world

Drama's such as Daam, Mera Naseeb and the one that is being discussed by almost each and every aunty out there, it has also gained the viewership of younsters as well, yes I am talking about the 'humsafar' whose rage is increasing as much as its episodes are being pursued.

                             "Wo humsafar tha magar us se humnawaai na thi"


                          "He was my life partner, but sharing a life with him wasn't meant to be"

Above mentioned phrase was taken from a really catchy title song of this drama series. Among many reasons this song also has played a vital role in helping the serial to gain a massive fan followng all over the world. The song totally exemplify the central idea of the story i.e a middle class girl gets married to a highly qualified individual who belongs to a rich family.

Though the story is not very impressive but the actors have put in their stupendous efforts, also there's a plus point that Fawad and Mahira had a huge number of fans after their films Khuda Ke Liye an Bol respectively and both are love and admired by the public.So the smart choice of actors also added a spark in the success of this whole series. Thus a big applause to the directors of Pakistani Drama Industry for their brilliant comeback and for producing that are that are worth watching and are being cherished worldwide.

In the end I would like to suggest to all those who like me are the followers of the star world seasons, must give their drama;s a glance, I bet you all won't regret in the end.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Second Chance (Part 1)


Jack: Lets make a deal Ben, you'll play basket ball with me every evening after getting back from your tution.

Ben: Sure my best bro

They both had recently won a singing competition where Ben played the guitar and Jack sang the song. They were good at almost everything.Their hearts were wired together and the bond of these two was unbreakable.They both loved gallivanting and were also fond off discovering quaint places across their streets, to have fun and spend time together and most importantly they were the best students of their classes, which was a huge reason behind the proudness of their mother upon both of them.

Jack was nine years younger than Ben, who was the eldest among the two of them and was about to turn twenty four that year.Ben was studying engineering from a well reputed university whereas jack studied in school. Ben was quiet, shy but daring at the same time.Quiet because he was the eldest and had responsibilities. But he became a completely different person when he was with Jack. His little brother meant a world to him.

Their mom and dad i.e Mr and Mrs Stevens had broken up when Jack was ten.Ever since Ben became more careful and concerned towards his little brother.

Ben was studying in his last year of engineering college and the day of his convocation was near. The whole family was super excited for Ben's graduation. He was a brilliant and most popular student among all his mates.

Atlast the moment came for which the whole family specially Ben's Mom had been waiting for. All the hard work paid off, Ben cleared his last semester with excellent grades. He went on stage to receive his B.E certificate from his teacher.

Professor George: We have high hopes from you my boy

Ben: I also have high hopes from myself , Sir.

Prof. George : Good Luck!

Mrs Stevenson's eyes welled up at this, she stood up with joy and Jack started jumping on his seat in excitement. Ben thanked his teacher , with a blushing and grinning face came down the staircase of the stage and hugged them both. After the whole event was finished Ben's friends told him about a party at Peter's place. He confirmed his plan without asking his mother's consent.

On their way back home Mrs Stevens received a call, from work on her cell, it was a quite long call, after a few moments Ben stopped the car in front of his house. His mom told him with a sad tone in her voice that she had to leave for work because its an urgent call. She then strictly forbaded both the boys to get out late at night. Ben argued that he had a plan to hangout with his friends.

"Drop the topic Ben you are staying at home tonight and thats it", Mrs Stevenson muttered and left for the stop to catch a bus.

Ben went inside the house along with jack, with a frowned face.Unable to resist himself ,Ben late at night got out of his room. He grabbed the car keys and secretly went into the garage. The moment he ignited the car he saw a torchlight reflecting into his eyes through the windshield. Jack was standing out side the car. He asked Ben to take him with him, or stay at home and watch movie with him. But Ben was reluctant to do that so he refused. This made Jack so upset and he stood there gazing at the ground. Ben's heart melted at this and he allowed Jack to get in the car.

In car he still seemed quite sad, Ben asked him the reason behind his mood. Jack then told him that he didn't wan't him to leave the city and move to London for the completion of his Diploma.He further said that things from then won't be same anymore. Ben then looked at his brother with a smile and told that its only about two months, after that everything will get back to normal.

Jack gave a lopsided smile at this and gave Ben a brotherly punch on his arm. Ben got amused and all excited at this that he got so involved in playing the brotherly game, he didn't even realize when he lost the control over car's steering. Suddenly he saw that there was a car behind them, Ben pressed the break with pressure due to which their car first revolved and then ceased at a single point in the middle of the road. He then took a sigh of relief, but suddenly when Ben looked outside the window that was in the direction of Jack, he was left stunned along with his mouth opened. Jack asked him if he was all right. But before Ben could answer him the bus that was rushing towards their car, hit it so bad that the pieces of glasses and seat doors were shattered on the road, all over. The two brothers were left stuck in the remaining skeleton of the car that headed downwards, badly wounded. After a few minutes the Sheriff with the rescue team came into that area.

Jack: Mom will scold us for all this Ben, please you don't leave me here..please

Ben: I won't leave you, I am right here, don't worry we'll get out of here soon.

Jack: Promise me you won't ditch me like Dad.

Ben : Believe me I won't, I am not him.

Jack couldn't hold his breath for long, but Ben was able to survive after getting several electric shocks on his chest. When doctors told him about his brother's demise, he couldn't forgive himself.His brain had psychologically shutdown and he was left traumatized even after being discharged from the hospital. Ben blamed himself for that accident, and lived with that painful grudge in his heart from so on.

To be continued....