Sunday, July 1, 2012

There Are No Confines Of Care

I was called in SIUT to jot down this story, it became very poignant to me because of its depth and the fact that it was my first experience ..Thought to share it with you all..

She was the third daughter of Mr and Mrs Haider along with two elder brothers and three younger sisters.Life deprived her of her father a few years ago and now her mother was everything for the entire family.

"I am experiencing alot of pain these days in my left kidney", said Mrs Haider.

Her mother was a diabetic patient who was on insulin from a couple of years.Sara initially thought the pain wasn't that severe and her mother would get fine on her own. But that day it seemed intense and she was the only one available at home at that time, concerned for her mother's plight she right away took her to SIUT. After examining her for a few minutes doctor declared it as an emergency case.

Doctor asked Sara to inform the elders in the family.Because of fear her heart started to beat a little bit faster and with a choking voice tone she asked the him if their was something serious. She requested the doctor to confide in, the news,to her, as she takes part in most of the decision making sessions at home.Thus he then revealed this disheartening news upon Sara that her mother needed a kidney donor immediately. He further said that they must not delay more because there were chances for her case to become worse and she might die.

Sara kept gazing at him for a few seconds, then in the next moment she abruptly replied at once,

"You can have my kidney,"

Doctor was startled at this sudden decision and coerced her to reconsider by discussing it with other family members.When Sara's family came to know about it, they were also reluctant for her to take this huge step.The other siblings tried if they could donate their organ but according to variable tests their mother was only accepting her kidney. Sara's family members then decided to make its arrangement from somewhere else but Sara prohibited them from doing that, because she believes that only a biological child can sarifice an organ for his parent and nobody else on the planet would agree to do that.

Thus after painful discussions amongst hospital's consultants Sara was chosen to bestowe her mother with this second life to live.People in her vicinity tried to distract her and etched fears in her mind regarding kidney transplants, but she stayed determined throughout and bravely went through all the soul crushing procedures of transplantation.

Before leaving for the operation Sara's mother on the way clasped her hand, when Sara glanced back at her she found her mother's eyes welled up with tears. She then gently held her hand and told her that everything would be alright.

In this universe everything is planned for us in the form of our destiny, Sara was also destined to perform this wonderful act of goodness which latter in a way changed her life. There was another lady who used to come to SIUT for her son, suffering from kidney problems. She became Sara's friend after a few chit-chat sessions   between them.

One fine day she contacted Freeda who was a receptionist there, she secretly asked her to give her Sara's contact number, through her she then approached Sara's family and asked her hand for her son. Sara's family agreed to this. After a few weeks her wedding was pursued cheerfully with lots of celebrations and joy.

Today Allah has blessed Sara with a baby boy whom she has named as Ahmed and they all are living a happy and contented life together.