Monday, October 22, 2012

Love Is Like A Wind


Shakespeare died and left behind his famous quotes cherished by the world till now. Personally I have not come across anything that he has said about the ultimate serene feeling called love. But there is one saying by him that I know to be totally true and that is that “ Love Is Blind.”

These days I don’t see love anywhere, may be because most of the people I have witnessed confuse love with lust. Some make a mistake to fall in love with the ones who never love them back. The basically fall for a one sided affair. This is the cruelest form of love that makes a person believe that his life has been intoxicated with some sort of contaminated disease. Such people consider themselves as the unloved ones. But no matter in what form it touches one's life and how tragically and inexplicably it ends, this would always remain as the most pure feeling in this world which in the end it always teaches us something good and something better comes out of it.

Love has this sheer power to alternate and flourish our life. It has this capability to refine it and turn the darkest days of life into endless sunny days. Even if it longs for a short time it leaves the most beautiful memories that never fade away. The purest form of love can never be seen it can only be felt by a clear heart.

Love is kind. Its neither rude nor resentful or selfish. It is patient and always forgiving. Love always stays ready to face any sort of challenge that life brings with it, it helps a person to remain steady and provide rapturous strength to endure anything smilingly. The only thing that love finds delight in, is Truth.
Keep loving everyone around you and make sure feelings of hatred for anyone never stay for longer period in your heart. Cleanse it by being forgiving and awesome!