Friday, November 25, 2011

My Religion

 I am having a quite rough time these days.I guess because I have my papers coming up in the next week.IR is the most disgusting subject ever. Lol I m being visibly reluctant to study it.Thanks to ALLAH this was the last semester we had to study IR.Its killing me seriously.Apart from that I have my plenty of assignments piled up which need to be submitted in a very short span. Thats why couldn't post much on my blog :(.I am burdened with lots of work nowadays but Ill get through it INSHALLAH.
I read this article ( )a few days ago. It reminded me of a conversation that I had with a friend of mine a couple of months back. I asked her if she feels to be a proud muslim Pakistani while living in Dubai.To my astonishment she replied in negative and told me the reason behind it that when she was leaving from dubai airport for her europe trip with her family some cops gathered them, after when they came to know that they are a muslim family and because of that they conducted their extra investigation.That incident pissed her off really bad and since then she has developed some negative views in her mind regarding our religion.I have seen so many people in my surrounding living internationally, who have become a victim of this stereotype that all muslims are terrorists. Some people take such happenings on their hearts and become really angry whereas others just ignore them and remain firm with their beliefs, despite of the fact that they are living in western countries.

The most saddening part of today's era is what I am observing nowadays in our own Islamic Republic Of Pakistan that youth here also is getting influenced by the western culture.There is nothing wrong in implementing their positive habbits but copying the flaws of western culture is really very shameful.Our younsters should know their boundries and must always keep a balance between world's affairs and religion.

These days I am also being a very bad girl.I don't offer my prayers constantly and I feel hell guilty about it.I read sana's blog recently and honestly I am going through the same situation through which she went.Everytime I hear moazzan reciting AZAAN to call for prayer , shaitan dominates my thoughts and I start making excuses and put off the task of praying for the next day, which obviously never comes.

Few tears back I have been through the most touhghest time I had never thought I would face in my life.But while facing my hardships I realized that nobody except ALLAH was with me and I have gotten through almost everything so far ALHAMDULILLAH.The point is that I had become so spititual in those days,but I have no idea why I have become so distracted from my religion now.I used to recite Quran almost daily, but now I haven't seen it since months.

May be thats the reason why nowadays I am unable to concentrate upon my studies..may be thats why life doesn't seem easy anymore..may be thats why I am not feeling peace in my mind and heart any longer.

                                          Its Better To Be Late Than Never! ~

I hope my ALLAH pardons me for raveling into unnecessary worldly thoughts and wasting my time in thinking about them, also giving them preference over my salahs and reciting the Quran.I have decided to be punctual in offering my namaaz and I wish I and every other Muslim out there who like me has also become irregular in offering his prayers becomes dedicated in praying again the rest of his/her life. Ameen.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My First Self Cooked Brownie! :)

 Bj, Muz and Tim had also assisted me with this and we served it with vanilla ice cream. It was fun cooking brownies. My mom cooked biryani for us on lunch. While we were having our meal we decided to watch movie together in my room. We watched paranormal activity which was honestly a really very weird movie. It was supposed to be a horror movie but to us it seemed more like a humorous one. Lol I had so much fun yesterday. After lunch my brownies were served and everyone loved them. Later on we played truth and dare, Bj didn't accomplish his dare which he was pretty much confident that he'll be able to do it. I must keep it a secret here because it was a little sarcastic one (*Grins*). In the next moment we played a game that was a modified form of hide and seek. The game was invented by Muz ,though she also didn't know what it was called. lol may be she'll decide to name it in anytime soon. But it was a really cool game. All three of us seriously had a blast yesterday.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

28th OCT 2011

Thiis was my most awesome night so far.That night I attended the first concert of my life at Karachi Gym Khana.Luckily I got a chance to see so many celebrity singers altogether i.e Bilal Khan,noori, Ali azmat and Josh
A few days back before the concert I was talking to Sherry at the university, we both started discussing some amazing tracks by junoonand I told her how much I loved their song Neend Aati Nahin.Lol! their was a crazy small wish in my heart to listen to junoon singing Jazba Junoon and all my fav tracks.Since Junoon has broken up now I thought this wish of mine would never become true, Sherry told me the same.But I really wanted to be among that crazy energetic  crowd that used to get boosted everytime Ali azmat would sing this song and Salman ahmed would play the guitar with his magical hands.I have been a great fan of all those you tube videos featuring them both playing their wonderful songsAll those videos always used to make me think and wish that Iwhy wasn’t I born at that point in time when Junoon used to be at its peaks, was wasn’t I lucky enough to see them perform live with that energy and spirit which I am watch in these super cool videos.

I didn’t know guys that at that night this wish of mine would become true. The moment Ali azmat did the opening of his performance by Neend Ati Nahin I couldn’t stop grinning,everyone there including me had sung the lyrics with Ali. Then after singing few of his self compositions like Garaj Baras,pappu yar, bomb bomb phatta and some other superb tracks,Ali Azmat actually sang Jazba Junoon, on the request of the audience. I actually experienced the same atmosphere which I had always wished for. I was super excited at that moment that honestly I can’t describe in words :D.


Apart from Ali Azmat Noori was the craziest band on stage. I loved their performance specially when they sang Asmaan chooleinge and Manwaare, They were just awesome.Bilal Khan also gave his performance along with some additional tracks such as chammak challo and mere angnay main. He was looking ultimately cool.He had dedicated chammak challo to his female fan followers. Honestly I didn’t know before going to that concert that there are so many female karachites crazy for him. He sang mere angnay main on the request of a blind girl, who went to meet him back stage, before his performance. It was her small desire to to shake hand with him and make him sing that song and he did that, which was a really sweet gesture! :D

 Josh also sang good songs but I am not that much into bhangra stuff, I like their slow songs more.But any how I did like their performance, amy be not to that extent, But that’s okay atleast I had fun! J. Concert ended at 4:30 but me and my parents left earlier because our driver  couldn’t wait for us more longer, so we left at 3:30. All in all that was my most unforgettable night ever.