Monday, December 3, 2012

Prank Mania

 I thought to do some conventional blogging here. Inspired by Tee’s and some other blogs I for the first time thought to doodle down thoughts and stories humming into my mind as well. So I tried and after a while somehow ended up in creating this. I really hope that the girl in the doodle proves to be someone associated to the female gender..*grins*

Some psychopath actually called me n said this last week lol btw thats not me in the doodle :P

This all happened in last week when I was gloriously happy and was having fun in my life, some douche leaked out my number. Those of you who belong to Pakistan would definitely be aware of the drill, females specifically. All hail to those pestering prank callers who leave no stone unturned to make one’s life miserable. At first they flood your cell phone with romantic poems and melodramatic messages and in the next moment the uninterrupted episodes of continuous phone calls get started. From the very famous fraandship text messages you would be provided with a variety of forward text messages followed by some vulnerable and unacceptable ones too. Apart from the crappy romantic texts I have to admit here that the jokes they send quite funny. This caller made my mid night’s sleep hell and kept sending his hordes of texts to distract me from my work as well.

There was another funny incident happened with me once, some guy who wanted to cut time I suppose as he was dying of boredom, first sent me “Fraandship” messages. He then inquired on text that if I don’t have credit, I didn’t reply again. He then sent free credit on my cell phone. I must mention here I was laughing uncontrollably on the other side over the craziness of that guy. But I still didn’t send him a reply to which he got infuriated and said

“Mera credit wapis karein pls!”

“Give me my credit back”

I replied to him in my mind with that menacing smile, LOL hell no dude.. So if you are a victim of these serial callers, don’t ever receive their calls or respond to their text messages no matter how pathetic they are. Also don’t receive any unknown call, I have learnt from my experience that by doing so you would only buy yourself more weeks of torture. If ignorance doesn’t work then take another step of blocking the number.
Stay Blessed! :)