Friday, December 30, 2011

Flash Back

As the year is gonna end up after a day,I was sitting in the porch with a cup of coffee this evening. I was going through some amazing memories which I was bestowed upon by my creator. The moment when I came back from my university and saw my car parked at the pavement, behind our house.The first concert I attended where I saw my most favorite musicians playing live.Being a part of Karachi-Tips.Fun with my friends and also with my relatives at the wedding of my uncle. This year was totally magical for me Alhumdulillah and I wish God willingly I get to experience more such amazing years in future.

2010 somewhere also managed to heal up so many scars, from 2009, which I call a nightmare in my life.Though I haven't gotten completely over it yet.I hope I do at some point in my life.While reminiscing the flash back of the whole year, I realized that I had developed trust issues with most of the people. At some instances I was right but their were such situations too where I was unnecessarily mean to my closed ones by making a fuss of every small issue, I am not supposed to do that, I freaked out a lot at certain points, but its a part of life I guess, u can't be good to everybody all the time, everyone goes through mood swings and so did I.

There were so many predicaments I had to face. Experienced quite a lot of impediments my way but in the end my creator abolished all the difficulties and through prayers I dealt with everything easily. All in all I love my 2010. I'll never ever forget it.

 I am now going to make a list of my resolutions for this year, they really help a lot to stabilize my personality and goals, throughout the year.I'll share it with you guys soon and I would love to know yours too. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

A New Start

 Hola to u all!! :D

Yayy its vacations now!! Finally..I am super excited for this winter break and have loads of plans for it ahead.

I have to share with u all something. The end of my 2011 has been really amazing Alhamdulillah. Firstly because because my father got me a car and secondly, I got selected for Karachi Tips. I'll always love my 2011 it has been an awesome year of my life.Those of you who are unaware of Karachi Tips let me give its brief view.

Its a platform which promotes positivity of Karachi. Its has three founders. Abdullah (who happens to be my classmate also :) ), Baakh Nusrat, Bilal Khan.

 Karachi Tips is an organization that aims to portray the positive side of Karachi in everyway possible. The members are highlighting Karachi only because for now they first want to focus on making this city of lights positive. They wan't to eradicate all the differences that are emerging within different areas of the city.They want all the citizens to become united and stop judging Karachiites on the basis of areas in which they are living in. Its a new trend here seen nowadays that people ae becoming hypocrites and make their opinions about people living in lyari, malir and other different areas.They want people to realize that how silently such type of behaviors of fellow citizens are tearing our city into different parts.This platform is totally pure from all the political dirt.Their goal is to intensify patriotism and spread the feelings of love and peace among all the Karachiites.

I also met Kulsoom baji who has been a mentor to the KT's threesome awesome creators, throughout the journey so far.I totally adore her. She is such a positive person and in the darkest times of my life I have learn't alot from her by reading her blog. She makes you realize that no matter in how worse situation you are in, you have the potential in you to make things right with a smile on your face. If I am optimistic towards my life today and love it the way it is,its only because of her. I never thought I would get a chance to meet her and would tell her how much I respect and admire her. She has been an ultimate inspiration for me. But the moment I came to know she will also show up, I was like, woww!! this event is getting really huge for me, more than I had expected. :D

Its a small world seriously i realized it yesterday! :D..You know why!?!?.. Because I met the one whose blog I have been following since last year. Reached her blog through Tee's sky and I seriously love whatever she writes. She was there and I didn't even realize it because obviously I had never seen her live before. Until the next day I found Sana Castellino in KT's bloggers family. Lol yeah it was her. I was really glad to know that now through Karachi Tips we'll get to meet more often.

I am really looking forward to all the tasks and the Launch of K-Tip's blog IA in the upcoming year.Here's a photo for the website.

I'll end up my post here, because I have plenty of house work assigned by my mom here which needs to get finished by the evening. Though I'll be back soon :)

Friday, December 9, 2011


 Hello my lovely friends!

I hope you all are doing well.I have been pretty busy these days with my papers, ok ok I won't start rantiong about my papers as always lol.

I wanted to share with you guys something totally crazy. You know what today was supposed to be our science exam. My whole class was sitting at the staircase of our department and anxiously waited for our professor to show up.My groupmates were so excited that they had glued their eyes on the pathway to check on every motorcyclist, hoping if that was our science teacher.

Meanwhile our chit chat session was also in process.Nobody was interested in revising the subject. After a few mins bush screamed that hey look! finally our teacher is here. But when that bike came a little closer that person turned out to be an ultimately funny and weird guy who had a bandana knotted on around his neck.We all bursted out in laughters

After a few minutes another man arrived with an envelope in his hands.We thought that our teacher might had sent his assistant to conduct our examination. He sat under the tree separating the papers apart. Bush and I became more curious, so we approached him to find out if we were right.

When we asked him if he was there to take our exam he gave us an amused look and replied in negative. With our frowned faces we returned back.

While sitting on the staircase in cold whether an extremely crazy idea came up in my mind and I was more startled when everybody there loved it and at first agreed to it. Idea was to take a ride of our awesome university on a rickshaw lol :D

Ok coming back to our exam part, when after a long wait everybody got fed up, we decided to go to the dean's office to inquire about why our paper was cancelled. A friend by mistake messaged a text to our teacher that we were going to protest infront of the dean office.

We came to know about it when after  we had reached there. A classmate received a phone call that Sir has arrived and he's angrily asking all the students who are protesting to come back. We got so scared and decided to get out of that place.

Tazeen was with me. First we were walking then we both realized that he has a motocycle and he can reach us in a very short time. So we started running. really very fast. Lol seriously Tee and I actually ran..Imagine how hilarious the whole scene would be :D

There were so many people glaring at us while we were running. Some were smiling and the others were giving sarcastic looks. But we didn't care at all. We kept running and all this turned out to be really very adventurous :D..Then we both joined other classmates with on the other route. When everything was cooled down we reached the department.

Later on our sir had announced a new date for exam. Tee's dad came to pick her up  we both hugged each other smiling with excitement regarding the whole running scene. I with the rest of the friends headed to the gateway of university to catch up our buses.

 I would end my post here. Have a great day everyone! :)

Monday, December 5, 2011


A very warm welcome to all my new followers. I am really very glad and obliged at the same time that you all have joined my site :)

As you all know tomorrow is the day of Ashura. Millions of Muslims all over the world will conduct mourning processions across the city. Last year our city bleeded red on this day and also on Chehlum. A large number of innocent people lost their lives.

Its my request to you all to please pray for the safety of our whole country and also all the muslims all over the world. May ALLAH have mercy upon all of us and keeps everyone safe and alive. Ameen.

I'll keep my post short because power cut can occur here at any time..Have a great day everybody!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Two Faced!

Be polite to all but intimate with a few~

This is a saying i read a few days ago while browsing on the internet.We all are familiar with people with dual personality. The ones who are good to u on your face and hate you secretly. All of us experience such people at some point in time. We only realize about their reality when the show us their actual ugly face.

In today's world when there is so much negativity in our vicinities we sometimes don't realize how to differ between friends and fows. Even our relatives get so jealous that they can't stand that you are happy and contended in your life. Due to this in many cases blood relations also end up in breakups.

It gets so disheartening when your closest ones turn out to be so diplomatic. On your face they portray themselves as the nicest and the most adorable creatures on the planet whereas later they turn out to be the worst back stabbers that are beyond imagination lol.

I would like to share another quote that crossed my sight while reading young world (dawn) a few years ago:

God made relatives..Thank God we can choose our friends~

After being ditched by dozens of people and every time ending up feeling like a fool I have come to the conclusion that its useless to expect from anybody to be sincere to you and it would be better not to involve people that much into your life because the more you get closer to the people the more you'll be hurt in the end. Its our life and we have all the rights to live it our way. So it should be our decision to decide who should stay with us and who must not. I agree that we cannot get rid of some of our sneaky double faced relatives after all we have to tolerate them till the end, we still have the option of not to let them interfere into our matters and permit them to ruin our lives.

Now I would end up my post here. I badly need prayers because I have my exams coming up from next week. Since its exam season so i guess most of you must be going through the same situation, so very best of luck to you all. May you all succeed in whatever you do in your life! Ameen.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How To Have Fun During Winter In Karachi

So its winter here. I hope you all must've had taken out your cozy blankets,furry sweaters,warm scarfs and gloves inorder to avoid getting ill and becoming a prey of flu.

As you all know that since past incidents Karachiites have become way too brave than they were ever.They don't lock themselves in their homes from the fear of target killing or kidnapping. They brush aside all those headlines from the news channels which tend to paralyze the life in metropolis on the order of any political leader.Believe it or not Karachiites now don't pay any heed to them.All they desire for now is to be optimistic and live their live to the fullest with their families, safely and securely. The motto behind their life style is that if a tragedy is gonna strike it can strike in the house as well so why suffocate yourself in house by the fear of being snatched or robbed.So i m completely sure about it that all the Karachi people must be looking forward to make this winter to be the best one.
Here is a guide that would be able to help you to have a blast this winter a) because you love your city, b) because you have no other option than to stick around here.

Hang Out :

Plan outings or get together with friends more often during winters. If you cannot afford to go to a restaurants because of an empty wallet problem, the one which I am experiencing these days as I am also left with zero pocket money, streets of Burns road is still an option with its mouth watering and easily affordable food.
          You and your friends can buy yourselves ice creams but make sure that you have put on your sweaters otherwise you can catch a cold and a sore throat. Drink lassi in clay glasses in this weather. Trust me guys you will love it.


Arrange Slumber Parties:

 You can set up sleep over with your friends and cousins and watch different movies with them followed by popcorns and other yummy snacks or BBQ on the top floor of your house.After that you can also play so many games such as night cricket match, football and also scrabble, uno, ludo and plenty of other indoor games.
               Also you can throw a surprise birthday party if the birthday date of any of your siblings or closed one is near.Try to prepare the birthday cake yourself if you have oven in your house and decor it with bunties and a room in your house with colorful stuff. Don't forget the snow sprays.
                 Seriously it feels so good to see that magical smile on the face of your closed one specially when the reason behind it is you yourself.


Your garden is the best stress reducer.It helps a lot in relieving the emotions of anxiety and provide break from everyday life's hassle.Hence do it in the morning you will feel so much peace. Winter brings with it a lot of options for planting that you are liable to go dizzy while choosing.If you live in a house with a huge garden you can plants so many vegetables in this weather such as broccoli,spinach,carrots,salad,radishes etc.If you live in an apartment or in a small house you can also grow bamboo shoots and many shade loving plants as well. You can add more fun by inviting your friends to help you out with painting clay pots red. Thus its a kind of meditation that brings you close to nature.

Prank Call

Take a sim that is not in your use or buy one if you don't have any in the house. Do prank calls to your loved ones but make sure you don't crack out serious jokes because if in any case you get caught you might end up getting grounded by your parents. Though you are permitted to play any kind of prank with KESC people with an unknown sim and you know the reason why.

Nato Attack

 Nato's president wrote a memo to Pakistani prime Minister, regarding the Mehmand Agency incident and said that all the soldiers were killed unintentionally. The investigation regarding this matter has been started and he has further mentioned in letter that they all need co-operation from Pakistan.
    In Pakistan many people protested against such disheartening attacks and their reaction was quite intense. Many rallies were conducted, invisible Namaz-e-Janaza was performed,people shouted out their slogans against America, all this was done by the suffering people to articulate their emotions to the insensitive government.

   The protesters also urged that we should stay separate from the fight that is in process in Afghanistan between America and Nato and also their supply line from Pakistan should also be blocked permanently.

Foreign Minister Of Pakistan, Hina Rabbani Khar in her conversation with American,British,German and Turkish politicians, said that this was an ultimate intolerable action and also that it has shaken Pakistan's ideology and individuality.

In the letter Nato's president has expressed his insensitivity to the Prime minister. Instead of being sorry and making sure that such heart wrenching incidents won't happen in future, he has in turn asked Pakistani nation to be patient. What did he mean? Was he trying to say that that this incident took place because of Pakistan's lack of co-operation? Are our innocent people or those poor soldiers who lost their lives on fault?

The truth is that the American and Nato forces present in Afghanistan are trying to take over Pakistan's independence.They find different excuses to throw their missiles on Pakistani territory. This is a conspiracy of Americans. They are taking complete advantage of their power.Every time Pakistan's loss happens our psychopath president and other knuckle head ministers and politicians receive calls and suppress the whole issue. We have seen so many examples already in the past the saddest one to be highlighted was the Raymond Davis incident. He killed to Pakistani citizens and still managed to return to America. This is totally insane. Our whole Pakistani Nation must wake up now because its high time to do something about it.We must not sit back and watch Pakistan's ground being red from the blood of innocent lives each day. they are also one of us and God forbade we could've been in their place too.

If Pakistan had killed 28 UN soldiers plus 175 innocent little children , would they have accepted the sorry of our politicians? would it be just a priority for then to investigate on this case?

America is doing all that because our own people are helping her, they are completely insincere and just for some small amount of money they sell themselves along with their conscience.There are so many American detectives existing in our country now and they can be exploited to harm Pakistan at any point in time.The network of CIA here has been extended and strengthened by the help of our own what shall i call them MONEY MANIACS.

To take out our whole nation from this situation its very important that now Pakistan has to look over her policy about the war between America and Nato instead of talking on phones and distracting our country people by taking more lives as they did on first muharram making people think that the incident took place due to cast differences, politicians must show enough courtesy to contact the UNO so that no one dares to hurt Pakistan's independence and ideology ever again.