Friday, December 30, 2011

Flash Back

As the year is gonna end up after a day,I was sitting in the porch with a cup of coffee this evening. I was going through some amazing memories which I was bestowed upon by my creator. The moment when I came back from my university and saw my car parked at the pavement, behind our house.The first concert I attended where I saw my most favorite musicians playing live.Being a part of Karachi-Tips.Fun with my friends and also with my relatives at the wedding of my uncle. This year was totally magical for me Alhumdulillah and I wish God willingly I get to experience more such amazing years in future.

2010 somewhere also managed to heal up so many scars, from 2009, which I call a nightmare in my life.Though I haven't gotten completely over it yet.I hope I do at some point in my life.While reminiscing the flash back of the whole year, I realized that I had developed trust issues with most of the people. At some instances I was right but their were such situations too where I was unnecessarily mean to my closed ones by making a fuss of every small issue, I am not supposed to do that, I freaked out a lot at certain points, but its a part of life I guess, u can't be good to everybody all the time, everyone goes through mood swings and so did I.

There were so many predicaments I had to face. Experienced quite a lot of impediments my way but in the end my creator abolished all the difficulties and through prayers I dealt with everything easily. All in all I love my 2010. I'll never ever forget it.

 I am now going to make a list of my resolutions for this year, they really help a lot to stabilize my personality and goals, throughout the year.I'll share it with you guys soon and I would love to know yours too. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

A New Start

 Hola to u all!! :D

Yayy its vacations now!! Finally..I am super excited for this winter break and have loads of plans for it ahead.

I have to share with u all something. The end of my 2011 has been really amazing Alhamdulillah. Firstly because because my father got me a car and secondly, I got selected for Karachi Tips. I'll always love my 2011 it has been an awesome year of my life.Those of you who are unaware of Karachi Tips let me give its brief view.

Its a platform which promotes positivity of Karachi. Its has three founders. Abdullah (who happens to be my classmate also :) ), Baakh Nusrat, Bilal Khan.

 Karachi Tips is an organization that aims to portray the positive side of Karachi in everyway possible. The members are highlighting Karachi only because for now they first want to focus on making this city of lights positive. They wan't to eradicate all the differences that are emerging within different areas of the city.They want all the citizens to become united and stop judging Karachiites on the basis of areas in which they are living in. Its a new trend here seen nowadays that people ae becoming hypocrites and make their opinions about people living in lyari, malir and other different areas.They want people to realize that how silently such type of behaviors of fellow citizens are tearing our city into different parts.This platform is totally pure from all the political dirt.Their goal is to intensify patriotism and spread the feelings of love and peace among all the Karachiites.

I also met Kulsoom baji who has been a mentor to the KT's threesome awesome creators, throughout the journey so far.I totally adore her. She is such a positive person and in the darkest times of my life I have learn't alot from her by reading her blog. She makes you realize that no matter in how worse situation you are in, you have the potential in you to make things right with a smile on your face. If I am optimistic towards my life today and love it the way it is,its only because of her. I never thought I would get a chance to meet her and would tell her how much I respect and admire her. She has been an ultimate inspiration for me. But the moment I came to know she will also show up, I was like, woww!! this event is getting really huge for me, more than I had expected. :D

Its a small world seriously i realized it yesterday! :D..You know why!?!?.. Because I met the one whose blog I have been following since last year. Reached her blog through Tee's sky and I seriously love whatever she writes. She was there and I didn't even realize it because obviously I had never seen her live before. Until the next day I found Sana Castellino in KT's bloggers family. Lol yeah it was her. I was really glad to know that now through Karachi Tips we'll get to meet more often.

I am really looking forward to all the tasks and the Launch of K-Tip's blog IA in the upcoming year.Here's a photo for the website.

I'll end up my post here, because I have plenty of house work assigned by my mom here which needs to get finished by the evening. Though I'll be back soon :)

Friday, December 9, 2011


 Hello my lovely friends!

I hope you all are doing well.I have been pretty busy these days with my papers, ok ok I won't start rantiong about my papers as always lol.

I wanted to share with you guys something totally crazy. You know what today was supposed to be our science exam. My whole class was sitting at the staircase of our department and anxiously waited for our professor to show up.My groupmates were so excited that they had glued their eyes on the pathway to check on every motorcyclist, hoping if that was our science teacher.

Meanwhile our chit chat session was also in process.Nobody was interested in revising the subject. After a few mins bush screamed that hey look! finally our teacher is here. But when that bike came a little closer that person turned out to be an ultimately funny and weird guy who had a bandana knotted on around his neck.We all bursted out in laughters

After a few minutes another man arrived with an envelope in his hands.We thought that our teacher might had sent his assistant to conduct our examination. He sat under the tree separating the papers apart. Bush and I became more curious, so we approached him to find out if we were right.

When we asked him if he was there to take our exam he gave us an amused look and replied in negative. With our frowned faces we returned back.

While sitting on the staircase in cold whether an extremely crazy idea came up in my mind and I was more startled when everybody there loved it and at first agreed to it. Idea was to take a ride of our awesome university on a rickshaw lol :D

Ok coming back to our exam part, when after a long wait everybody got fed up, we decided to go to the dean's office to inquire about why our paper was cancelled. A friend by mistake messaged a text to our teacher that we were going to protest infront of the dean office.

We came to know about it when after  we had reached there. A classmate received a phone call that Sir has arrived and he's angrily asking all the students who are protesting to come back. We got so scared and decided to get out of that place.

Tazeen was with me. First we were walking then we both realized that he has a motocycle and he can reach us in a very short time. So we started running. really very fast. Lol seriously Tee and I actually ran..Imagine how hilarious the whole scene would be :D

There were so many people glaring at us while we were running. Some were smiling and the others were giving sarcastic looks. But we didn't care at all. We kept running and all this turned out to be really very adventurous :D..Then we both joined other classmates with on the other route. When everything was cooled down we reached the department.

Later on our sir had announced a new date for exam. Tee's dad came to pick her up  we both hugged each other smiling with excitement regarding the whole running scene. I with the rest of the friends headed to the gateway of university to catch up our buses.

 I would end my post here. Have a great day everyone! :)

Monday, December 5, 2011


A very warm welcome to all my new followers. I am really very glad and obliged at the same time that you all have joined my site :)

As you all know tomorrow is the day of Ashura. Millions of Muslims all over the world will conduct mourning processions across the city. Last year our city bleeded red on this day and also on Chehlum. A large number of innocent people lost their lives.

Its my request to you all to please pray for the safety of our whole country and also all the muslims all over the world. May ALLAH have mercy upon all of us and keeps everyone safe and alive. Ameen.

I'll keep my post short because power cut can occur here at any time..Have a great day everybody!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Two Faced!

Be polite to all but intimate with a few~

This is a saying i read a few days ago while browsing on the internet.We all are familiar with people with dual personality. The ones who are good to u on your face and hate you secretly. All of us experience such people at some point in time. We only realize about their reality when the show us their actual ugly face.

In today's world when there is so much negativity in our vicinities we sometimes don't realize how to differ between friends and fows. Even our relatives get so jealous that they can't stand that you are happy and contended in your life. Due to this in many cases blood relations also end up in breakups.

It gets so disheartening when your closest ones turn out to be so diplomatic. On your face they portray themselves as the nicest and the most adorable creatures on the planet whereas later they turn out to be the worst back stabbers that are beyond imagination lol.

I would like to share another quote that crossed my sight while reading young world (dawn) a few years ago:

God made relatives..Thank God we can choose our friends~

After being ditched by dozens of people and every time ending up feeling like a fool I have come to the conclusion that its useless to expect from anybody to be sincere to you and it would be better not to involve people that much into your life because the more you get closer to the people the more you'll be hurt in the end. Its our life and we have all the rights to live it our way. So it should be our decision to decide who should stay with us and who must not. I agree that we cannot get rid of some of our sneaky double faced relatives after all we have to tolerate them till the end, we still have the option of not to let them interfere into our matters and permit them to ruin our lives.

Now I would end up my post here. I badly need prayers because I have my exams coming up from next week. Since its exam season so i guess most of you must be going through the same situation, so very best of luck to you all. May you all succeed in whatever you do in your life! Ameen.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How To Have Fun During Winter In Karachi

So its winter here. I hope you all must've had taken out your cozy blankets,furry sweaters,warm scarfs and gloves inorder to avoid getting ill and becoming a prey of flu.

As you all know that since past incidents Karachiites have become way too brave than they were ever.They don't lock themselves in their homes from the fear of target killing or kidnapping. They brush aside all those headlines from the news channels which tend to paralyze the life in metropolis on the order of any political leader.Believe it or not Karachiites now don't pay any heed to them.All they desire for now is to be optimistic and live their live to the fullest with their families, safely and securely. The motto behind their life style is that if a tragedy is gonna strike it can strike in the house as well so why suffocate yourself in house by the fear of being snatched or robbed.So i m completely sure about it that all the Karachi people must be looking forward to make this winter to be the best one.
Here is a guide that would be able to help you to have a blast this winter a) because you love your city, b) because you have no other option than to stick around here.

Hang Out :

Plan outings or get together with friends more often during winters. If you cannot afford to go to a restaurants because of an empty wallet problem, the one which I am experiencing these days as I am also left with zero pocket money, streets of Burns road is still an option with its mouth watering and easily affordable food.
          You and your friends can buy yourselves ice creams but make sure that you have put on your sweaters otherwise you can catch a cold and a sore throat. Drink lassi in clay glasses in this weather. Trust me guys you will love it.


Arrange Slumber Parties:

 You can set up sleep over with your friends and cousins and watch different movies with them followed by popcorns and other yummy snacks or BBQ on the top floor of your house.After that you can also play so many games such as night cricket match, football and also scrabble, uno, ludo and plenty of other indoor games.
               Also you can throw a surprise birthday party if the birthday date of any of your siblings or closed one is near.Try to prepare the birthday cake yourself if you have oven in your house and decor it with bunties and a room in your house with colorful stuff. Don't forget the snow sprays.
                 Seriously it feels so good to see that magical smile on the face of your closed one specially when the reason behind it is you yourself.


Your garden is the best stress reducer.It helps a lot in relieving the emotions of anxiety and provide break from everyday life's hassle.Hence do it in the morning you will feel so much peace. Winter brings with it a lot of options for planting that you are liable to go dizzy while choosing.If you live in a house with a huge garden you can plants so many vegetables in this weather such as broccoli,spinach,carrots,salad,radishes etc.If you live in an apartment or in a small house you can also grow bamboo shoots and many shade loving plants as well. You can add more fun by inviting your friends to help you out with painting clay pots red. Thus its a kind of meditation that brings you close to nature.

Prank Call

Take a sim that is not in your use or buy one if you don't have any in the house. Do prank calls to your loved ones but make sure you don't crack out serious jokes because if in any case you get caught you might end up getting grounded by your parents. Though you are permitted to play any kind of prank with KESC people with an unknown sim and you know the reason why.

Nato Attack

 Nato's president wrote a memo to Pakistani prime Minister, regarding the Mehmand Agency incident and said that all the soldiers were killed unintentionally. The investigation regarding this matter has been started and he has further mentioned in letter that they all need co-operation from Pakistan.
    In Pakistan many people protested against such disheartening attacks and their reaction was quite intense. Many rallies were conducted, invisible Namaz-e-Janaza was performed,people shouted out their slogans against America, all this was done by the suffering people to articulate their emotions to the insensitive government.

   The protesters also urged that we should stay separate from the fight that is in process in Afghanistan between America and Nato and also their supply line from Pakistan should also be blocked permanently.

Foreign Minister Of Pakistan, Hina Rabbani Khar in her conversation with American,British,German and Turkish politicians, said that this was an ultimate intolerable action and also that it has shaken Pakistan's ideology and individuality.

In the letter Nato's president has expressed his insensitivity to the Prime minister. Instead of being sorry and making sure that such heart wrenching incidents won't happen in future, he has in turn asked Pakistani nation to be patient. What did he mean? Was he trying to say that that this incident took place because of Pakistan's lack of co-operation? Are our innocent people or those poor soldiers who lost their lives on fault?

The truth is that the American and Nato forces present in Afghanistan are trying to take over Pakistan's independence.They find different excuses to throw their missiles on Pakistani territory. This is a conspiracy of Americans. They are taking complete advantage of their power.Every time Pakistan's loss happens our psychopath president and other knuckle head ministers and politicians receive calls and suppress the whole issue. We have seen so many examples already in the past the saddest one to be highlighted was the Raymond Davis incident. He killed to Pakistani citizens and still managed to return to America. This is totally insane. Our whole Pakistani Nation must wake up now because its high time to do something about it.We must not sit back and watch Pakistan's ground being red from the blood of innocent lives each day. they are also one of us and God forbade we could've been in their place too.

If Pakistan had killed 28 UN soldiers plus 175 innocent little children , would they have accepted the sorry of our politicians? would it be just a priority for then to investigate on this case?

America is doing all that because our own people are helping her, they are completely insincere and just for some small amount of money they sell themselves along with their conscience.There are so many American detectives existing in our country now and they can be exploited to harm Pakistan at any point in time.The network of CIA here has been extended and strengthened by the help of our own what shall i call them MONEY MANIACS.

To take out our whole nation from this situation its very important that now Pakistan has to look over her policy about the war between America and Nato instead of talking on phones and distracting our country people by taking more lives as they did on first muharram making people think that the incident took place due to cast differences, politicians must show enough courtesy to contact the UNO so that no one dares to hurt Pakistan's independence and ideology ever again.

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Religion

 I am having a quite rough time these days.I guess because I have my papers coming up in the next week.IR is the most disgusting subject ever. Lol I m being visibly reluctant to study it.Thanks to ALLAH this was the last semester we had to study IR.Its killing me seriously.Apart from that I have my plenty of assignments piled up which need to be submitted in a very short span. Thats why couldn't post much on my blog :(.I am burdened with lots of work nowadays but Ill get through it INSHALLAH.
I read this article ( )a few days ago. It reminded me of a conversation that I had with a friend of mine a couple of months back. I asked her if she feels to be a proud muslim Pakistani while living in Dubai.To my astonishment she replied in negative and told me the reason behind it that when she was leaving from dubai airport for her europe trip with her family some cops gathered them, after when they came to know that they are a muslim family and because of that they conducted their extra investigation.That incident pissed her off really bad and since then she has developed some negative views in her mind regarding our religion.I have seen so many people in my surrounding living internationally, who have become a victim of this stereotype that all muslims are terrorists. Some people take such happenings on their hearts and become really angry whereas others just ignore them and remain firm with their beliefs, despite of the fact that they are living in western countries.

The most saddening part of today's era is what I am observing nowadays in our own Islamic Republic Of Pakistan that youth here also is getting influenced by the western culture.There is nothing wrong in implementing their positive habbits but copying the flaws of western culture is really very shameful.Our younsters should know their boundries and must always keep a balance between world's affairs and religion.

These days I am also being a very bad girl.I don't offer my prayers constantly and I feel hell guilty about it.I read sana's blog recently and honestly I am going through the same situation through which she went.Everytime I hear moazzan reciting AZAAN to call for prayer , shaitan dominates my thoughts and I start making excuses and put off the task of praying for the next day, which obviously never comes.

Few tears back I have been through the most touhghest time I had never thought I would face in my life.But while facing my hardships I realized that nobody except ALLAH was with me and I have gotten through almost everything so far ALHAMDULILLAH.The point is that I had become so spititual in those days,but I have no idea why I have become so distracted from my religion now.I used to recite Quran almost daily, but now I haven't seen it since months.

May be thats the reason why nowadays I am unable to concentrate upon my studies..may be thats why life doesn't seem easy anymore..may be thats why I am not feeling peace in my mind and heart any longer.

                                          Its Better To Be Late Than Never! ~

I hope my ALLAH pardons me for raveling into unnecessary worldly thoughts and wasting my time in thinking about them, also giving them preference over my salahs and reciting the Quran.I have decided to be punctual in offering my namaaz and I wish I and every other Muslim out there who like me has also become irregular in offering his prayers becomes dedicated in praying again the rest of his/her life. Ameen.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My First Self Cooked Brownie! :)

 Bj, Muz and Tim had also assisted me with this and we served it with vanilla ice cream. It was fun cooking brownies. My mom cooked biryani for us on lunch. While we were having our meal we decided to watch movie together in my room. We watched paranormal activity which was honestly a really very weird movie. It was supposed to be a horror movie but to us it seemed more like a humorous one. Lol I had so much fun yesterday. After lunch my brownies were served and everyone loved them. Later on we played truth and dare, Bj didn't accomplish his dare which he was pretty much confident that he'll be able to do it. I must keep it a secret here because it was a little sarcastic one (*Grins*). In the next moment we played a game that was a modified form of hide and seek. The game was invented by Muz ,though she also didn't know what it was called. lol may be she'll decide to name it in anytime soon. But it was a really cool game. All three of us seriously had a blast yesterday.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

28th OCT 2011

Thiis was my most awesome night so far.That night I attended the first concert of my life at Karachi Gym Khana.Luckily I got a chance to see so many celebrity singers altogether i.e Bilal Khan,noori, Ali azmat and Josh
A few days back before the concert I was talking to Sherry at the university, we both started discussing some amazing tracks by junoonand I told her how much I loved their song Neend Aati Nahin.Lol! their was a crazy small wish in my heart to listen to junoon singing Jazba Junoon and all my fav tracks.Since Junoon has broken up now I thought this wish of mine would never become true, Sherry told me the same.But I really wanted to be among that crazy energetic  crowd that used to get boosted everytime Ali azmat would sing this song and Salman ahmed would play the guitar with his magical hands.I have been a great fan of all those you tube videos featuring them both playing their wonderful songsAll those videos always used to make me think and wish that Iwhy wasn’t I born at that point in time when Junoon used to be at its peaks, was wasn’t I lucky enough to see them perform live with that energy and spirit which I am watch in these super cool videos.

I didn’t know guys that at that night this wish of mine would become true. The moment Ali azmat did the opening of his performance by Neend Ati Nahin I couldn’t stop grinning,everyone there including me had sung the lyrics with Ali. Then after singing few of his self compositions like Garaj Baras,pappu yar, bomb bomb phatta and some other superb tracks,Ali Azmat actually sang Jazba Junoon, on the request of the audience. I actually experienced the same atmosphere which I had always wished for. I was super excited at that moment that honestly I can’t describe in words :D.


Apart from Ali Azmat Noori was the craziest band on stage. I loved their performance specially when they sang Asmaan chooleinge and Manwaare, They were just awesome.Bilal Khan also gave his performance along with some additional tracks such as chammak challo and mere angnay main. He was looking ultimately cool.He had dedicated chammak challo to his female fan followers. Honestly I didn’t know before going to that concert that there are so many female karachites crazy for him. He sang mere angnay main on the request of a blind girl, who went to meet him back stage, before his performance. It was her small desire to to shake hand with him and make him sing that song and he did that, which was a really sweet gesture! :D

 Josh also sang good songs but I am not that much into bhangra stuff, I like their slow songs more.But any how I did like their performance, amy be not to that extent, But that’s okay atleast I had fun! J. Concert ended at 4:30 but me and my parents left earlier because our driver  couldn’t wait for us more longer, so we left at 3:30. All in all that was my most unforgettable night ever.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


 Hello Everyone!!

I am so sorry I have been delaying to make a post on my blog. I have been really very busy these days  with my exams and internship at the radio station at the same time.Hey you guys know what!! My article got published this week. Lol! Dad and Mom got really very excited when they heard my voice on the radio.They actually liked my accent.Heather also texted me in order to appreciate me for my effort.

Life has become pretty much fun nowadays. I have made more fiends at the radio who are pretty much interesting. Heather is still observing the work of technicians and producers there. She is also looking forward to record her written stuff, probably by next week.  I have also taken so many interviews and have also read my articles there, because of which I have gained pretty much confidence to speak in public. I’ll try to attach a pod cast of my recording here soon.
 I have also taken a few pictures in the radio station that I have shared on this post. The first one is displaying the view which we see from upstairs almost everyday in the morning and honestly it is beautiful.Thats all my life has offered me till now. I am looking forward for more exciting experiences.I'll make more posts here in anytime soon.Till then take care all my lovely blog readers! May u all have an awesome and blessed day! :D


Friday, October 7, 2011

He Produced Wonders Everytime He Worked!

Steve Jobs has died. I just can't accept this reality. He will be missed alot. As the news of his death broke out and brought the shockwaves in the hearts of all the apple fans and those who were inspired by his persona, it has effected me also. I feel really sad for this huge loss. His name will always be remembered with Thomas Edison, Einstein and other great personalities who changes the world.

Though this demise will never be recovered, I guess not in this decade. He was such a huge inspiration. The video I have shared with you all is ultimately superb.Please if you really want to change your life, don't leave it unheard.On many points in his speech he has stressed that in life no matter in how much difficult situation we are in , we must never lode hope.

I loved that part whee Jobs quoted
                            "Life will  someday hit you  the way bricks hit  the head but you have to
                                                      keep the faith in you alive"

He was so right. In the other part of this influential speech job mentioned about the saying that inspired him alot. There is also another saying just like it but not exactly the same which is my personal favourite, i.e:
          " Dream As If You Will Live Forever, Live As If You Will Die Today"

 Although Steve Jobs is no longer on this planet but this positive man left a huge impact on my mind. We must idolize and follow such people and try to implement such type of  rock hard positive attitude, which helped him to move forward, despite of three most difficult challenges in his life.Thank you Steve Jobs, you help to widen the zones of our thinking and also motivate us to follow our heart and dreams, instead of living a life which others, in our vicinity force us to live!

May u R.I.P....Sigh!                          

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Lovely Moments

Today was the most fascinating weekend I had till now,this month.In the morning I went to a well known radio station with my dad and Fatima to apply for an internship there, as its the demand of my field.They accepted our request and the best part is that Fatima and I will be going there together.

My mom today was also feeling good. She also became very happy after hearing the news.I am also pretty much excited because now I have got something to engage myself into in the morning time. Lol being a radio jockey for sometime will be so much fun.I am really looking forward towards having this amazing experience of being an RJ.

A while ago while writing my blog I was thinking that my life has a positive route lately. Which is obviously very good for me. Life keeps changing every now and then. We just have to keep ourselves positive in each and every situation. Though my heart is still ruptured somewhere but I have now started to realize that our bad times teach us those lessons of life which nobody else could teach us. I guess that's why bad things are destined to happen, so that we keep learning and gaining wisdom each and every day.

I wish my life remains the same way,the way it is nowadays. All thanks to my Almighty ALLAH. Without HIM, I am nothing.I would end up my post here, I am keeping it short because I have plenty of work along with one presentation,lined up to get them completed pretty soon.

Have a great night everyone! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Being Thankful!!

Today was quite an interesting day.Though when it was initiated I was in a very low and boring mood,because of two reasons.Firstly my cousin Maliha and niece zoya had returned to Canada few days ago and secondly beause my mom wasn't feeling well today and that made me more upset.

Thus inorder to distract myself from such stressful stuff I decided to get into the kitchen and try making something new, I decided to make this frozen cappuccino, in the end.I really love this coffee.I have tried it several times before everytime I have visited indulge with my cousin, but made it for the first time at home. Trust me while making it I had forgotten every negativity in life all I could experience was joy and fun. Luckily all the ingredients of the recipe were also available at home.Lol I would also like to mention that I created a little bit mess while conducting my cappuccino experiment but after it was ready, in my happiness and joy the whole kitchen was cleaned up within a few minutes.

On the breakfast table I served my Dad some of the coffee. After taking the first sip he told me that he loved it :D.The feeling of making him happy made my day! Honestly <3..My mom unlike me doesnot like coffee at all. She is only obssessed with tea. So I had to finish the remaining cappuccino. Seriously it was so yummy :).

Later on I left for my university.I had fun there too.Though most of my friends didn't showup,but still a really adorable friend of mine, heather came. I had a great day with her.Everyday she is with me in the bus which we take on our way home from the university.I must also tell that being with her reduces the torture of waiting for the bus which I experience every time I am alone.

My friend is really very adorable and I love her :).In the bus when I was feeling hell drowsy she asked me to put my head on her shoulder.Lol! And i actually did that :D..In my ultimate drowsiness I had fallen into deep sleep on it.After a short sleepy nap Iwoke up and told her that her shoulder was the best pillow for me on the planet at that time :)

After getting off the bus I felt so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.I really love her for this gesture :)..When I entered home I found out that in her illness, my mother cooked nihari for me (my second favorite dish)..I was so delicious.

I am feeling like thanking my creator all the time,specially today, for blessing me with such amazing people. I am praying each and every moment for my mom that she gets well soon!! Ameen.

Now I would end up my post here.Goodnight to all the lovely people out there!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stay Focused

My father always tells me to make sure that u always do justice with your choices in life because if u are not then don’t expect life to be fair to you. We are being examined on this earth on the basis of the choices we make. ALLAH has given us the control to make choices in our lives.

Whether we make good choices or bad its all up to us. Its very easy to make the wrong ones and this is also true that the right path initially might seem to be difficult, full of worries,tensions. But this is the path on which our creator helps us in mysterious ways. Wrong path might get you to succeed temporarily, but in the long run you’ll for sure fail somewhere. On tthis path there are chances that you’ll also hurt your conscience. So always listen to the right voice inside your head and always remain focused on the path its asking you to move on. Sometimes our mistakes make us pay a lot, so its better to take a correct decision before hand, on the basis of our past’s consequences and experiences, rather than getting too late. Because if you are on the wrong path you’ll only be left with regrets..

So always chose that path which has something positive for you in it. Don’t think how others will perceive about what you are doing with your life. People will have opinions about you in any way so just screw the negative people and their negative comments about you.They don’t have a life so they feel good in interfering in yours. Always remember nobody on this earth has the right to judge you, only our creator can judge us. Keep learning new things and never stop making friends because they add color in our lives. But remember you must know how to differ between friends and foes. Also while making new friends don’t forget your besties because if you’ll do that they will kill you lol!!

Have a great day

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Really Funny Incident

This incident happened in my life a few days back when i was at my uncle's house. My cousins and I were totally involved in our chats when suddenly my another cousin appeared and joined us. A while later Ali started showing off his muscles lol I also pulled up my kurta sleeves and showed my biceps. At that very moment my uncle also entered into the room and joined us in the whole conversation. Ali again started that I have become so strong ALHUMDULILLAH and pointed towards my mamu that even I can hold him up. Lol at this my mamu challenged him to do that, then he’ll accept this fact that Ali who is almost ten times thinner than him has become enough strong that he can actually perform this weird task.

Ali accepted the challenge. At that moment it was appearing to me that he will for sure end up fracturing himself if he’d perform it, so we all cousins started forbidding him to not to do it. But he did it :D. Yess he actually had carried him up with his apparently thin and actually pretty much strong hands. After holding my mamu up he started shouting with an evil smile that Yayyy I am soo powerful! LOL..

I was standing near the iron stand in the room,clapping with joy that Ali had performed his task so well. I just couldn’t stop grinning because trust me the way he held him up and the way my mamu was screaming that o’bhai o’bhai choro, could’ve forced anybody there to burst into laughter.

So my friends during this laughing and celebrating part Tom dropped my mamu on my foot. I stopped grinning and shouted AAAAAAA my toe nail!! NOOOO :D. It didn’t even hurt but at that moment I had a scary feeling that my nail will be removed but thanks to ALLAH, its safe.

The next day when I went to visit doctor for my toe nail’s dressing. Another scene happened there which I would like to share.

Doctor: How did this happened??

Me: Mamun girgaey :)

Doctor: G?!?!?! ( surprised)

Me: G :D

Doctor: Bahahahhahahhaha

Lol! My adorable mamun and my sweet n strong cousin were feeling very sorry after performing the whole task. Tom kept saying sorry all the time and I was like I am fine, its totally ok lol. Seriously I had so much fun during that time. Also every time I think about this incident or share it with someone they also start laughing uncontrollably.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Smile To Change

Change in life is completely inevitable.This is the only constant thing that everyone has to face in life.Even the most beautiful butterfly has to go through metamorphosis before it could fly.Energy,matter and everything in this world at some point changes.Its up to us how we view it.Some people fear change whereas to some it can feel like a second chance in life.

We all dream to be the best in our lives and struggle hard for the betterment of our future.But while doing all this we sometimes tend to forget that it is also important to enjoy these moments as well.With regard to this the best possession which everyone has been given by our creator is a smile .It brings a positive change in everyone's life,A smile from someone can bring happiness to others also.It vanishes away all the negativities from mind and provides courage to face the upcoming challenges boldly.Just rewind in your last month when you had moments to smile.Recall them and feel how much fun it was at that point in

Undoubtedly money also brings change and prosperity but it doesn't always result in making people smile sometimes because a person had a bad day with his boss and the list of reasons goes on.But the change which smile brings in us is completely different.When we actually smile it makes us feel good for our own existence.This change may not be for a lifetime but it can be for a few moments at least.By just smiling while facing everything you don't lose the ownership of this world as your own place.Imagine yourself in a situation in which you are having a dispute with your loved one.If you'll go out of your mind and will say bad things to that person this might result in breakup of your relationship for which you might regret forever.But if you will calm down and make yourself realize that everybody makes mistakes and with a smile on your face will forget that person who is actually sorry,then the bond between you two will eventually be saved

Being human I totally agree that one cannot have fun all the time.But this smile has to be the part of our boring and challenging life.It brings a break to help you get relaxed,charged up and also makes you feel comfortable while working.Do spent sometime in your comfort zone.If you don't have one then create it as it will help you smile freely and helps you to stay happy even if you are living a boring routine life.Redundancy to anything leads to instability and it should be avoided smartly.In the end i would like to say implement this gesture in your life and turn your world beautiful

Friday, July 22, 2011

Be The Change You Want Others To Be

Attitude of a person shows his mental position and his way of thinking.Thus positive attitude of a person and his optimistic approach towards life is the root cause of a successful life.Positive thinking begins from the core of who we are.People find those people attractive who are positive and spread positive energy into their surrounding rather than those who always have a frown on their face and are pessimistic towards their lives and others in their vicinity.Life is too short to mourn over the negativities happening in one's life.Bad times and obstacles are the part of it and one should learn from his mistakes,endure the grief and move on.

Sometimes somethings in life just happen when we least expect them and sometimes when we expect the worse from our lives miraculously things turn out to be quite well.Our future is a complete mystery .We don't have a control over what life has store in it for us.But one thing is for sure that it entirely depends upon the thinking and the approach of the person how to handle the situation of crisis.The less the person dwells on life's negativity the lesser he will be effected.So think positive in order to play the cards of your life in a better way.

It really does pay to be positive and the advantages include enhanced health and longevity in life.Optimistic people exhibit more coping skills as compared to pessimistic people.They are more resilient when it comes to facing challenges of adversity.

Positive people possess more friends as compared to the negative ones.Positive thinking enables a person to maintain a broader perspective and see the big picture which helps him to identify the solutions whereas negative people maintain a narrower perspective.

Thoughts are under one's control.The pessimistic way of thinking is a habit and habits can be changed.Optimists believe that they are accountable for good and in turn good things will eventually come their way.One way to overcome stress and to think positive is through physical activity ,meditation,aerobics and other different exercises.They can act as the stress relievers.Daily exercise vanishes away the tensions to some extent.It also increases the person's self esteem and lowers the symptoms of mild depression and anxiety.

So the next time whenever a negative thought comes into your mind, think of the alternative situations and always remain optimistic because life is amazing.

Sometimes Happiness Means Just To Move On


Grief comes in everyone's life. We all express it in a different way because ALLAH has made each one of us different. Death is not the only thing for which we are supposed to feel sad. But still when things are going wrong and are not in your control always remember to look at the positive picture.

 Once my brother Balaj said,” If things are going wrong, they won't get worse. They will only get better." And its so true!!.Just remember that no matter in how worse situation you are, sooner or later, something good will definitely come out of it.

In life sometimes our bad times in the end prove to be good for us in a positive way. They teach us those lessons which nobody on this planet bothers to teach us. Though the bad times we face in our lives force us to hate and curse our freaking lives. We have to go through that intense pain. The pain can be in the form of losing a closed one or may be because of some kind of change.

Change in life is inevitable. This is the only constant that everyone has to face in life. Even the most beautiful butterfly has to go through metamorphosis before it could fly. Energy matter everything on this planet at some point changes. The most important thing for us to realize is that how we view change it completely depends on us. Some people fear change whereas to some it can feel like a challenge for which they can do anything in order to win it. Change in this world is constant which if taken positively can prove to be a second chance in your life.

So accept all the changes whether they are good or bad and move on. No matter in how helpless situation you are, just get up and tell your problems that who is the boss. Love your creator. All praises are for HIM. Thank him everyday for blessing you with so amazing friends, brothers and sisters. What else one needs? Celebrate each and everyday and never ever think negative.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Unbelievable Ending

 A story of cricket that started on 19th February was ended on 2nd April. With a totally unpredictable and unfair win. I am saying unfair because we could have won this tournament and i know that.The captain of our team played the tournament with a true sportsman spirit,zeal and courage unlike those psycho Indians. But unfortunately our team was asked to lose the semi final because of our politicians and those stupid animal type population living in India. Seriously this defeat is so so hard to absorb. Well time heals all scars..

                        Poor Afridi was being humiliated since the beginning of the tournament. The PCB chairman took so long in deciding the leader of the team squad but finally he surprisingly took a wise decision by selecting him which was unexpected from Ijaz Butt ,since he is a one stupid, good for nothing loser. Afridi took all this as a push up and leaded the whole team so brilliantly throughout the tournament which is totally remarkable. He brought smiles on the all time frowned up faces. A wave of hope and happiness was raced through the wounded and shattered hearts of the Pakistani nation.There was no cast discrimination seen anywhere in Pakistan. All Pakistanis stood up, got united on a single platform just to support their beloved team. And off course through Afridi's amazing captain ship and nation's support and prayers our players were able to make it to the Semi finals. A 6th rank team to which ICC on the first place didn't want to play qualified for the semis. This was a huge punch in the faces of ICC's members in my view.

But during semis Indians proved that they are shit people living on the planet earth. Who the hell gave their media the right to insult our team?!?! Just to win the semi final they tried to increase pressure on Pakistani players and gave threats to kill them. And all those shcmuks succeeded in doing this, off course  because they had the support of  psychotic idiot politicians. I still remeber that at the day of semi final even my 5 year old cousin who was ultimately excited,had painted his face green and was screaming out loud that yayy we'll win today!! But our corrupt politicians couldn't tolerate the smile on our faces so they enforced out team to lose the match.


By the end of that match our captain cried and so did the whole nation.. Apart from that he also said sorry. Which he shouldn't have. Its totally understandable that all team players were going through such a difficult phase at that time. After all life and family come first. Obviously they couldn't play the match at the cost of their own and their loved one's lives. The moment Gilani gave a call to Afridi I had a feeling that the match is gone from our hands but still i love my team. I want to say a big THANK YOU to Afridi for fulfilling his promise and defeating the strongest teams like Australia , West Indies etc. Fine India won but we all know how honest the win was!! Bloody CHEATERS!!

No matter what in my eyes Pakistan is the winning team and it will always be. I wish they continue making us proud by playing the way they played in this tournament except for the semi final's match lol :P... INSHALLAH!!!                          

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saddening Farewell!

Last night my mother had her doctor’s appointment. It was our last visit to his clinic because my mommy’s doctor is now shifting to another country. My mom was quite upset in this regard because he was a very polite doctor unlike the other ones who are quite rude sometimes. Doc had once told her that he is a food lover, so as a gesture of thank you she cooked delicious meal for him and his family. When his assistant called us inside, mom and I got up, I grabbed all the gifts and dinner and took them with me inside his cabin.He did a last routine checkup of my mommy and asked me certain questions related to the medicines he had prescribed her before. After when the questioning part was completed I told him that how sad my mother was and scared also if the next doc will be strict and arrogant lol. My mommy hates hospitals and she finds it difficult to built a friendly bond with doctors but she really liked this one.

In the midst of our conversation our Doc’s wife got into the room. She came after completing loads of shopping though it was still incomplete as she had still a lot more stuff to buy and time was getting short for her .She is such a friendly and adorable lady :). She also showed me some of her shopping haha she was quite excited. And I was seriously enjoying the expressions on her face because I myself am a huge shopaholic. Gosh its such an amazing feeling that the new stuff you have brought belongs to you. Seriously shopping and eating in my case are the best stress relievers ever lol.

Then Doc pointed towards the things we had brought for them and told this wife, with a happy tone in his voice that my mom has made it all by herself .Haha she got so excited that she couldn’t resist hugging my mommy . She said that she could smell the aroma of biryani and couldn’t wait to get home and taste it. Then we all took so many photos from my cell phone. She asked me to stay in touch through facebook and sent her all the pictures. All the snaps I took were were super cute :). We were quite sad on this last meeting of ours but well they are leaving for the betterment of their future. He was the first doc of my mommy who had actually saved her health conditions from getting worse and I will always be thankful to him for that.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What A Victory!!

Boom Boom bhai rocked last night! Oh man what a match,in the end I was praying and screaming out loud like a crazy girl that our team has to win and seriously its true that if you have a feeling that you'll do it no matter what the circumstances are things will for sure go your way in the end it was such a difficult win specially when our opponent was Srilanka.I must confess Srilankans also faught till the end.They made every effort to win the match specially Sanga and Silva. It was becoming so difficult for me to watch the match when Srilankans were not giving up but finally Pakistani bowlers were also not stopping to fire them till the end.We still need to focus on our fielding alot because there were certain mishaps in the match as well ,such as Akmal missed the Sanga stump,he should've taken that opportunity, Abdul Rehman needs to work alot on his bowling.I remember he gave 12 runs in a single over which had two fours in it.He was seriously elevating my anger to an extremely higher level.INSHALLAH we'll go further. Haha you know what the best part was,when the comentator in end finally said and PAKISTAN won the match!!!I took a huge sigh of relief. This line in the end provides such an amazing feeling seriously :).I wish the cup comes to our land this year INSHALLAH.

Please ALLAH help our team to play like agressive tigers in the upcoming matches as well and I hope they don't get pressurize because the more further our players are going ahead in the game the more it is going to toughen up.Best of luck guys you have to win this battle!!! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

A memorable day!

Today i had such a great day .I woke up at 5 O'clock in order to prepare my computer's assignment.I first offered my fajar prayers then prepared breakfast for my parents. Then i moved on to prepare my assignment. Finally its completed but it has not been submitted yet because our teacher didn't show up today.After completing my assignment i layed down on my bed and grabbed the book, named as pride and prejudice which a very lovely friend of mine and also my classmate tazeen razi recommended me.I must say she has such a good taste in picking up books.She herself writes so well MA..she'll become an amazing writer one day and i m so sure about it rock Tazy

Now comes a craziest part of the day.Lol when I was reading the book suddenly my maid entered into my room.She greeted me valentines day.. Haha in my astonishment I sat upon my bed and asked her if she knew anything about this day, she said yes baaji i know everything and i am also going to a party to which another baaji has invited me.I'll take two bottles of miranda with me! lol i couldn't stop my laughter when she started moping the floor!! :D..

At 2:30 I left for my university.There's a passage from where I've to go through everyday its a little scary so I always recite all duas in my mind which I can remember at that moment.Finally I reached the university and walked towards my department.When I was almost there some classmates were sitting on the department's staircase.They told me that our class might not take place today I said OK (lol i was secretly feeling so happy inside ).The moment i got into the department sairu,bush,sherry,habiba,hafsu,fati started screaming OOOOOOO!!!! Haha i got super excited and confused that why is everyone screaming yaar..Duhh!!umm it wasn't birthday :D.Then sairu told me that she had a surprise for me .Lol i became more exvcited then..Haha she took me behind the other friends and there i was startled when i saw my sabu sitting on the bench, I was lyk OMG!!! :D.What a pleasant surprise!! And then we both hugged each other.She loved my department.We talked,talked and talked and time flew away so quickly we didn't even realized it.Then she had to take her class so she rushed back to her department and fati and i left for our homes together..All in all it was an amazing day!!..Seriously life is just about F.R.I.E.N.D.S!! :)