Thursday, September 13, 2012

My City Cried Again

Where rain had brought with it so many happy moments, another saddening incident has struck Karachi. More than 300 people have lost their lives so far with the death toll still increasing.

Many people claim that our filthy politicians are conspiring against the citizens by creating such traps. Heart-wrenching scenes were witnessed on screen by our media. The survivors claimed that the exit doors of the burnt garment fact factory were closed.

People who have lost their loved ones are unable to recognize the bodies and many of those who have survived have become handicapped now due to jumping down from the flaming factory. The reason behind the eruption of fire within the factory has not been found yet.

May ALLAH grant paradise to the departed souls and forgive their sins that they committed intentionally and unintentionally. Heartiest condolences to the grief- stricken families  of the victims.  If that is true that this heart-rending incident was conducted on purpose by any party to distract the minds of the citizens, then i curse them. I wish they also go through the pain which the poor families of those people are enduring right now. They also get to know how it feels to lose a son, how a heart tears when one loses his mother,sister, brother. May Allah keep our country safe from such evil acts of selfishness (if it is carried out intentionally) also if it happened naturally in future. For us who are safe must try to re stitch the broken heart of this city by spreading positivity and not giving up our hopes.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seize The Moment

Hi Readers,

I hope you all are doing well. I have so much to write today.I have been experiencing so many mixed feelings inside me since so many daysand  that was why also I was absent from here for so long. Everytime I tried to come up with some write up it always turned out to be a sad one. So inorder to save my blog from being a place for me to rant I deleted those posts. I realized that I have became a whiner a pessimist and this was doing no good to me.It is so rightly said by someone

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

May be I was going through the guilt phase, guilt of making wrong friends, guilt of considering her the most important part of my life, where all she did was hated me. Today she wants me to be her best friend again. Whereas I here consider that bond that we had in between us a joke now. I hope she reads it, as I have recently found out that she loves to stalk on me till now. Initially it was hard for me to forget you, but today when all those saddening memories have started to fade away you seriously want me to have you back in my life?. Haha you know what, I can't afford to give up on the peace that I have in my life today due to your absence also I have somehow forgiven myself for being such a jerk to trust you blindly. So sorry, find someone else to manipulate with your cheesy words and crocodile tears, because I am totally not interested :)

P.s it finally rained here yesterday. It was sorely awaited by Karachiites due to the scorching heat, although the weather has become pleasant now but still not upto my expectation. Yesterday was beautiful (*grins*) first it rained heavily in the morning. I was outside with my mother to buy some grocceries on car when it started raining heavily. Driving is so much more enjoyable when its raining on the road.

Sparkling drops of rain are LOVE
Along with so many kids jumping and screaming with joy I saw something crazy and unusual lol. I saw a gay dancing on the road, his dancing steps seemed to be socially awkward, but oh well it was his way to have fun in that weather  :D. As for my part, I enjoyed the it by taking lots of pictures of wet soothing leaves and shiny droplets of rain. I planned to make brownies for myself too but after power cut I was too tired to bake anything.

 Secondly our team performed outstandingly well in T20 against Austrailia. There were so many twitteratis tweeted that this the the worst defeat of Aussies till now. This news was so comforting for us Pakistanis :P. Haha I hope we win the upcoming match also, that would be held on 7th September.

While I was watching so many happy faces and experienced the positivity that came along with rain, apart of me that was suppressed somewhere wanted to relive gain, as if it wanted to counteract the dominance of the sad soul that prevails in me sometimes :P.I felt it shouting that instead of mourning over your past mistakes and getting scared of what future holds in it for you embrace the moment of now. The more love you would give to your own life the more it would love you back. You yourself are the star of your own life's story.

In any moment you can reincarnate, in any moment you can feel like you are born all over again.Forgive people who are responsible for humiliating you in order to have peace with the past and do your best to move on.Make the most of your present, future would itself become beautiful.