Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Life is a huge blessing.We sometimes never realize it and sometimes when we realize it, its too late.When we are infants we depend on our parents,when we become adults we get attached to our closest ones.Some of us are expressive and some feel comfortable in keeping their feelings hidden.

Everyone on the planet trusts someone to share feelings with.Sometimes we feel helpless,suffocated,depressed and expect from others to calm us to support us morally and emotionally.But one thing we sometimes forget to realize that as the coin has two sides,our destiny also has a darker side.The side which we never wish to see.When dark times come everybody is left alone.That is the time when we come to know that the only one who stays with us forever is us and our ALMIGHTY ALLAH. That is the time when we begin to recognize our actual self. We come to know that best truth about ourselves that we are strong enough and possess so much potential to endure all the pain and all the failures ourselves.Someone has truly said that relationships come with their expiry date.The earlier we'll understand this fact the better it'll be for us.Thus all goodbyes in or lives definitely teach us something.My goodbyes made me strong.Through them I've learn't to live my life to the fullest so far and also that life is amazing. Kick out the bad memories of the past,give the best in your present and always hope for a better future..

Monday, December 13, 2010


I had a bad day yesterday. I went to my relative's place and they all were there (The unwanted people in my book of life).They were showing how happy they are after all the humiliation they did to me..and i have a feeling that they haven't had enough yet..i wish i could say to them that why the hell u losers can't go away? Can't u see i dun even want to see your faces? Ahh i wish if in this life i was allowed to commit a few murders i would've killed you all so far and yes that would be a happy ending for me..
I sometimes wonder about the person who introduced this phrase "AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER".To me he was a psychotic idiot..seriously real life is all about nightmares. They seem to become a reality. Real life is never fair to anybody.But you know what after all that humiliation one part of my personality still says to life's challenges that BRING IT ON!! I still have a hope that things will get better and that i am still the best.I have a firm faith in my ALLAH that he'll one day take me out of this misery.
For all the respect and love i gave YOU and the way i got re payed i am quiet. I am not heartless like you people and i can't be unnecessarily mean to those as well who love me and to whom i love back.. but now everything seems to be getting on my nerves and i can't stand u people..i wish u all could read this seriously i wish..I know my ALLAH can see my tears and as he has always been supportive and listened to my prayers he'll for sure support me and listen to my prayers further in life as well..
I have to stand up for myself and i have got to move on..And oh yes one thing more..finally I've decided to forgive you yeah i forgive u and i'll also forget that u even exist in my surrounding

Friday, December 10, 2010

Almost perfect...

Today i had my exam in the afternoon but unfortunately it was canceled due to everyday riots in the city.I was very excited that finally my second last paper is on its way to be attempted and then the last one will be awaiting but all excitement vanished when i got the news of cancellation.New date has not been announced yet..Please ALLAH end these exams soon..These days the only thing i do is study. In my one hand there's coffee and in the other one i have my notes..I am taking an extra dose of coffee in order to keep myself awake because i feel more lazy during exams than i oftentimes do! Hehe..
I have already made so many plans for the up coming vacations and i am anxiously waiting for them to come true. I haven't shopped since last two months may be thats why i was visuallising my self with my friends having fun in the mall..Haha u people must be thinking..such a shopaholic i am..umm yeah may be :P..i usually don't shop alot but when i do i feel like buying everything! lol. And oh yes i forgot to tell apart from shopping i'll be going to a book fair as well which will be my most favorite part.My fingers are crossed and i am serously hoping that after exams i'll have plenty of fun! IA
I was wondering that this winter will be full of joys and get togethers..its not going that boring though but i guess its not exciting to the level on which i had expected it to be..Ahh but i think i must get used to these current situations of country instead of geting frowned :(I just wish our country was in safe hands i hope one day it will be..INSHALLAH
Now i am ending my post because i have to study IR.I'll keep posting from now on
Cheers!! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Boundaries according to me are the best way to save some relationships.They are not meant to keep people away instead they fence a person,shield and protect him.No doubt life turns really very messy and sometimes that mess is beyond our expectations but there's a simple fact that one should realize that life is not going to be fair always and won't go smoothly every time,the way we want it to be.The more earlier we accept this fact the more it will be better for us.though i realized it late but well its better late than never..
There are some boundaries which are too dangerous to cross so here's one thing that i believe is,if in life you have ever willed to cross the boundaries and took risks you are spectacular even if you fail in the end.But we should always learn from our mistakes and past events and should always think before we act.My boundary is to keep the sorrows to myself try to keep everyone in my surrounding happy
Now i'ld like to keep my post short because im afraid due to loadshedding i'll have to rewrite it all over again after wards

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Never hate
Don worry
Live simple
Expect a little
Give your best
Always keep smiling
Keep in touch with ALLAH!!!