Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Boundaries according to me are the best way to save some relationships.They are not meant to keep people away instead they fence a person,shield and protect him.No doubt life turns really very messy and sometimes that mess is beyond our expectations but there's a simple fact that one should realize that life is not going to be fair always and won't go smoothly every time,the way we want it to be.The more earlier we accept this fact the more it will be better for us.though i realized it late but well its better late than never..
There are some boundaries which are too dangerous to cross so here's one thing that i believe is,if in life you have ever willed to cross the boundaries and took risks you are spectacular even if you fail in the end.But we should always learn from our mistakes and past events and should always think before we act.My boundary is to keep the sorrows to myself try to keep everyone in my surrounding happy
Now i'ld like to keep my post short because im afraid due to loadshedding i'll have to rewrite it all over again after wards