Sunday, January 13, 2013

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Hello everyone!
I was missing my blog a lot lately and was cursing myself for not taking out time to post anything here. Finally today I decided to bless it with a post :P
These days I have become obsessive with reading and watching movies. I have recently started off reading a new book that has kept me glued to it. My adorable friend sana (author of A Life Worth Living).  It is about all .

 Green Tea  and Good Eboooks give me super powers <3 br="br">
I couldn’t have spent my Sunday more awesomely than I did today. I watched this really amazing movie named as Silver linings The Playbook. This is one of those outstanding movies that made me think that life can seriously change in an instant. After when u receive your share of hard times good times do roll into it eventually, all you need to do is to stay positive.

This movie is basically an adaptation of a novel by Mathew quick. The American comedy drama film is produced by David Russel. Bradely Cooper has played a major role of Pat Solatano, who happens to be a former teacher. He gets diagnosed with a disease and formerly his marriage life also goes through a really tough phase in which he went through really disheartening challenges. Due to his mental illness he loses his job, family and also his marriage life also gets shattered. After spending a confined time at a mental institution on a bargain he gets back to his home to live with his parents. He finds it really hard after all the moments of distress and despair to act sanely and keep a hold of himself but he struggles a lot to become normal again the way he used to be previously.
 All Pat’s parents want is to see him relive his life and share with them their family’s love for football. While figuring out for ways about how he could reconcile with his wife, Pat met a girl called Tiffeny. That girl has a messed up life of hers who makes a deal with Pat that she would take Pat’s letters to his x wife and thus he could convey all his messages through her to his wife,  but in return he would have to do something for her. Pat submits his consent to this deal and as it advances latter in the movie a strange kind of bond develops in between both of them which brings silver linings into their lives.