Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aesthetically Designed By Asad

I have some more designs to share made by Asad for me recently :D.. The same friend of mine who doodled for me on my birthday!. One of the latest designs is the typographical tribute for me, in which he has artistically designed my name, giving it an ultimate appealing and beautiful look!! Thank you my witty, affable and super genius friend :).. Honestly, to me having such skills at this age is sheer brilliance.. You can achieve anything in life only if you continue being awesome and keep up that firm belief in yourself the way you do now! I m also proud of the fact the you are my friend, people like you rarely exist on this planet. Thanks to Karachi tips I got to meet you and some other precious new friends who through their presence have turned the darker days of my life into endless sunny days.. Wish you all the best in life Asad.. Stay Blessed! :)

This is for boosting me up when I m at my low point

This is a Typographical Tribute for me , because I m his favorite person of the year 2012! :D 

This is for when I think silly stuff and pay heed to the most unimportant memories from past 

You can also check more of his and his best friend Zoha's artistic work on facebook by joining his fan page The Epic Fail Duo (