Saturday, February 26, 2011

What A Victory!!

Boom Boom bhai rocked last night! Oh man what a match,in the end I was praying and screaming out loud like a crazy girl that our team has to win and seriously its true that if you have a feeling that you'll do it no matter what the circumstances are things will for sure go your way in the end it was such a difficult win specially when our opponent was Srilanka.I must confess Srilankans also faught till the end.They made every effort to win the match specially Sanga and Silva. It was becoming so difficult for me to watch the match when Srilankans were not giving up but finally Pakistani bowlers were also not stopping to fire them till the end.We still need to focus on our fielding alot because there were certain mishaps in the match as well ,such as Akmal missed the Sanga stump,he should've taken that opportunity, Abdul Rehman needs to work alot on his bowling.I remember he gave 12 runs in a single over which had two fours in it.He was seriously elevating my anger to an extremely higher level.INSHALLAH we'll go further. Haha you know what the best part was,when the comentator in end finally said and PAKISTAN won the match!!!I took a huge sigh of relief. This line in the end provides such an amazing feeling seriously :).I wish the cup comes to our land this year INSHALLAH.

Please ALLAH help our team to play like agressive tigers in the upcoming matches as well and I hope they don't get pressurize because the more further our players are going ahead in the game the more it is going to toughen up.Best of luck guys you have to win this battle!!! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

A memorable day!

Today i had such a great day .I woke up at 5 O'clock in order to prepare my computer's assignment.I first offered my fajar prayers then prepared breakfast for my parents. Then i moved on to prepare my assignment. Finally its completed but it has not been submitted yet because our teacher didn't show up today.After completing my assignment i layed down on my bed and grabbed the book, named as pride and prejudice which a very lovely friend of mine and also my classmate tazeen razi recommended me.I must say she has such a good taste in picking up books.She herself writes so well MA..she'll become an amazing writer one day and i m so sure about it rock Tazy

Now comes a craziest part of the day.Lol when I was reading the book suddenly my maid entered into my room.She greeted me valentines day.. Haha in my astonishment I sat upon my bed and asked her if she knew anything about this day, she said yes baaji i know everything and i am also going to a party to which another baaji has invited me.I'll take two bottles of miranda with me! lol i couldn't stop my laughter when she started moping the floor!! :D..

At 2:30 I left for my university.There's a passage from where I've to go through everyday its a little scary so I always recite all duas in my mind which I can remember at that moment.Finally I reached the university and walked towards my department.When I was almost there some classmates were sitting on the department's staircase.They told me that our class might not take place today I said OK (lol i was secretly feeling so happy inside ).The moment i got into the department sairu,bush,sherry,habiba,hafsu,fati started screaming OOOOOOO!!!! Haha i got super excited and confused that why is everyone screaming yaar..Duhh!!umm it wasn't birthday :D.Then sairu told me that she had a surprise for me .Lol i became more exvcited then..Haha she took me behind the other friends and there i was startled when i saw my sabu sitting on the bench, I was lyk OMG!!! :D.What a pleasant surprise!! And then we both hugged each other.She loved my department.We talked,talked and talked and time flew away so quickly we didn't even realized it.Then she had to take her class so she rushed back to her department and fati and i left for our homes together..All in all it was an amazing day!!..Seriously life is just about F.R.I.E.N.D.S!! :)