Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Street Children

Ever since I have started driving, there are so many things that come across my sight each day, some of which are likeable and some are not. Amongst the ones I hate, seeing street children here and there hurts me the most. Poverty and begging is not something uncommon in our country anymore and is disliked by almost everyone who keeps heart.

Through them all of us must've had learnt something so far. Every time I feel like ranting and complaining about the obstacles that come my way, I put myself in their position and wonder that there must've been any good deed practiced by my parents that today we our not in their place.

The situations and circumstances they face are heart wrenching.These children go through the most bitter experiences of emotional and mental abuse.Little innocent girls are subjected to harassment. They strive everyday to satisfy their hungry stomach. Some of them are  the migrants who come from the other countries. They beg in order to send money to their parents or foster parents back at home.These children are not provided with jobs because of illiteracy, unemployment and also in some cases because they donot belong here.

Many religious extremists are also evolved among these innocent beings. The reason behind these children choosing this path is not only because they go to unauthentic madrassahs, its also the feelings of helplessness, insecurity and fear of being abducted that make them get involved into wrong doings.Everyday a new disheartening story emerges in their vicinity, due to which they end up feeling vulnerable.The only option they feel then is to get involved into suspicious activities and we are forced to see them with the flash of incrimination in our eyes, without considering how traumatizing their side of the story would be.

What amazes me the most is that despite of being deprived of all the essential facilities of life, they manage to smile. I once gave a little girl who was asking for money an eclairs with some coins, and was startled to see her so happy, she kept waving me goodbye smilingly, until I was gone. At that time I realized how lonely these children are, they don't want money only, they need attention,love, counseling, security and care. I know its impossible for us to totally lessen up their problems.We always give charity and wish that the lives of these children gets better whereas we can do alot more than that.

 Whenever we come across such children, we must talk to them politely and share a bit of ourselves like exchanging names and asking them what is their favorite game, what they like, this would definitely mean alot to them.Gift them colorful stuff like pens, crayons or anything that has colors, they would definitely find fun in having them.Make them feel that even if its for a moment, you do CARE. Through these little acts you would for sure leave a positive mark on their lives.

Another great way to make them happy and feel special is through digital camera. These kids love it if someone takes their pictures. Haha! you won't need to ask them to pose for you they would themselves start making funny and wacky faces. My maid who is now in Punjab once did this.

 One morning she said" Baaji apnay phone say meri aik photo lelein " 

I said ok and took one,you all won't believe just because I fulfilled this tiny wish of her, she started bringing flowers for me everyday. That was so overwhelming for me.

So always treat these lovable creatures with affection and donate as much as possible, because a prayer that comes out from an innocent heart can change your messed up life within a moment. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pleasant Emotions


There are so many people who come into our lives and pass by after leaving a positive mark on it but there are many who inspire us to a large extent just by their virtual presence.Lol a few years back I used to laugh at people who used to mail in Auntie agni's column in Dawn newspaper that we have fallen in love with this xyz girl or guy just because of their profile picture, until and unless this happened with me. I never met her, never ever talked to her, but still through her virtual presence she became my mentor and made me learn so many lessons of life, most importantly the one to remain optimistic in every crazy situation that comes your way and gear up the courage to say to life that bring it on, then watch me!!. I had started reading her blog during the shittiest days of my life , when everything was going wrong and I was becoming totally negative towards my life. I had experienced so many losses regarding my so called loved ones.Yes I am talking about our friend, inspirer and lovable by everyone Umme Kulsoom ( Kulsoom Baji :) ). She changed my views towards life through her smile and amazing write ups.

 I got the honor to read her blog through a friend's profile and then started reading it regularly. Soul of life reflected her passion, energy, optimism and how we can smilingly and courageously she makes every situation so perfect. Sometimes the conditions are not in our control but its always upon us to chose to move on or keep mourning over the crap that life offers us.Every time I would get low I used to read Soul of life and a strange kind of positivity and enthusiasm would race into my heart.She made me learn not ever to complain from our creator and keep thanking HIM for every single blessing he has bestowed us upon with.Throughout ,her blog's each and every word has been so comforting and consoling.Lol the funny part was that the person behind this awesome blog was oblivious of the fact that how much I have been secretly admiring her.Though she was provided with the trailers by Abdullah and Fatima, whom I had recently told in the university that how much I adore her and how amazing she is lol.Abdullah said that I should meet her and since then I used to torture him in almost every text and every time when we would meet that tell Kulsoom Baji I miss her and all :P. But then I couldn't bear the excitement emerging in my heart to meet her so i contacted her if she could meet me and she replied in affirmative :)

In the beginning I was totally nervous but the moment she came by to Hardees all the nervousness automatically vanished away.A totally unpretentious person unlike other celebrities, she owes such a refreshing face and super cute smile. Her whole persona is so so inspiring and the best part of it is that she is an ultimate down to earth, pure hearted, fragile  and a really active person from the inside.I spoke my heart out and unburdened it and she also shared her life experiences. We laughed , we hugged each other and gave Hi5, there was total cheerfulness in the air Haha.The whole conversation part went so wonderful. Its so good to reminisce about the whole scenario of the meetup here. Oh and I baked her brownies too and later on when she told me that they turned out to be good I was like yayy!! Haha :). We really missed Abdullah and Fatima there. I felt bad that for there absence , sadly the plan was arranged all of a sudden and I couldn't inform them in time.Lol the working staff there was gazing at us with a smile, may be because of the fact that we were laughing out so loudly, but thats okay.. Haha its good to be crazy sometimes .Later after enjoying that chit chat session that I am surely gonna cherish my whole life and also enjoying our scrumptious meal we hugged each other and departed from the restaurant.I sat on the rickshaw, took a last glance of her innocent face and then we both waved Goodbye to each other.

Thank you would be a very very small word if I use here.Despite of her hell busy schedule she managed to take out time for me and came all the way from Tariq Road.You have no idea Kulsoom Baji how HUGE this is for me and how much special that has made me feel. I want to confess one more thing here that after meeting You, Abdullah. Fatima Baakh, Bilal and entire KTBT blog team I feel like ALLAH has listened to my silent prayer.There was a time when I used to wish that I get surrounded by atleast a few positive people who won't pass silly and senseless judgmental comments just to obscure their own flaws. Haha and Almighty Allah blessed me with so many. People like you all are like angels who are so compassionate and keep spreading the unconditional love amongst everybody.. Thank you loads for all the appreciation and love. I LOVE you Kulsoom Baji and the entire Karachi Tips family.. May you all keep influencing more people and leave a positive impact on their lives, stay blessed always! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012



Hugging is the gesture when practiced towards someone shows that person that how much you care for them. A sincere honest hug always expresses your gratitude towards the other person.Sometimes we hug someone spontaneously in our emotions of joy and sometimes in the moment of sorrows its gets quite difficult to say that we them them but we badly do, we sometimes actually crave for someone to hug us. Hugs make us feel warm and also we can sense the strong presence of the other person for whom we mean a lot and off course that person becomes closer to us as well.

Even the hardest heart melts with one hug.Sometimes a person standing right behind you apparently seems to be quite happy and contended in his life, but there can be a possibility that he is just pretending to be this way, whereas deep down inside he's struggling to get a grip of himself, trying to counteract his demons and fears. He might be shattered but may be he just doesn't want to tell the wold that he is tearing apart from the inside. That person can be us also. Because bad times don't come with an alarm bell and life can turn over to its dark page unexpectedly at any point in time.  So it is very necessary to be atleast enough expressive that whenever you feel like sharing your feelings with your closest ones you should tell them and without any hesitation let them know that " Dude I need a HUG" Phaleeez. Because its always useless to stay silent and let yourself to deteriorate from the inside.

Always remember hugging is a gesture that intensifies each and every relation.You know what, in your hugging list your parents must always be on the top of the list. So get up and hug them for being the super coolest people on the planet earth. Whatever you are and whatever you will become it would be only because of their sleepless efforts for bringing you up.

Le me leaving now.. Will catch up with you guys soon! Take care <3