Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saddening Farewell!

Last night my mother had her doctor’s appointment. It was our last visit to his clinic because my mommy’s doctor is now shifting to another country. My mom was quite upset in this regard because he was a very polite doctor unlike the other ones who are quite rude sometimes. Doc had once told her that he is a food lover, so as a gesture of thank you she cooked delicious meal for him and his family. When his assistant called us inside, mom and I got up, I grabbed all the gifts and dinner and took them with me inside his cabin.He did a last routine checkup of my mommy and asked me certain questions related to the medicines he had prescribed her before. After when the questioning part was completed I told him that how sad my mother was and scared also if the next doc will be strict and arrogant lol. My mommy hates hospitals and she finds it difficult to built a friendly bond with doctors but she really liked this one.

In the midst of our conversation our Doc’s wife got into the room. She came after completing loads of shopping though it was still incomplete as she had still a lot more stuff to buy and time was getting short for her .She is such a friendly and adorable lady :). She also showed me some of her shopping haha she was quite excited. And I was seriously enjoying the expressions on her face because I myself am a huge shopaholic. Gosh its such an amazing feeling that the new stuff you have brought belongs to you. Seriously shopping and eating in my case are the best stress relievers ever lol.

Then Doc pointed towards the things we had brought for them and told this wife, with a happy tone in his voice that my mom has made it all by herself .Haha she got so excited that she couldn’t resist hugging my mommy . She said that she could smell the aroma of biryani and couldn’t wait to get home and taste it. Then we all took so many photos from my cell phone. She asked me to stay in touch through facebook and sent her all the pictures. All the snaps I took were were super cute :). We were quite sad on this last meeting of ours but well they are leaving for the betterment of their future. He was the first doc of my mommy who had actually saved her health conditions from getting worse and I will always be thankful to him for that.