Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Impulsive Actions

We often see things the way we want them to be seen

Life every day offers us challenging situations, which if dealt wisely, then things go smoothly till the end of the day, but if something goes bad, we are left feeling frazzled, exhausted and worn out.Thus if at that moment someone comes up to us and does something for suppose stupid, we burst out into anger, without realizing that we are overreacting, by taking out our frustration on that person who can be our loved one or a complete stranger. But this doesn't help us at all, instead a tinge of guilt dominates our feelings and we regret for our behavior later.

We become so selfish at times because that we start seeing things only in the way we want to see them. Suppose you are in your car, in the middle of the road, you cannot move ahead because you are stuck in a traffic jam,suddenly a motorcyclist and a bus driver appear, who keep buzzing their horns over your head.No doubt you would start flaming within a nano second at this, but cursing would not be the right thing to do. Rather remaining silent and ignoring such people is the best way to handle such situation.

Before speaking we must always be careful with our choice of words. Because everybody in life has a mess to deal with and resolve problems which their lives offer them as well.They can be in the form of discontention towards life, fighting addiction, grieving for the loss of a loved one etc.Many people are not good with expressing themselves. They may apparently look like as if  they are the happiest but there might be a chance that in reality they are distressed and are going through some hell. So always think wisely before you react upon any stimulus because every good word that comes out from your mouth can be a source of comfort for the other person.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Thank you Asad ^ __^
So its my birthday today.I am so much overwhelmed by ample of wishes I have been receiving since last night till now. My cell phone and facebook are flooded with wishes , Alhumdulillah.I am feeling so blessed today.My friends and family have made these years of my life the greatest.The pic that you are seeing here has been made by my little super talented friend Asad Ali, isn't it cute?.. Thank you for fulfilling your promise, I wish you meet your favorite LadyGaga soon someday (*grins*).P.s I also remember my promise :D

Today the first thing I did was, I thanked my mother, because she was the only one who endured so much pain and went through alot just for my sake, so that I open my eyes and breathe in this world. No doubt she is an undeniable source of comfort. My parents have always been my source of strength during the moments of despair. Seriously no matter how hard we try we can never ever pay back the debt of favors upon us,by our parents. May ALLAH always keep their shadow upon us all of us. These precious gems are truly angels in human disguise in our lives who love us unconditionally.

So I am a year older now and hopefully wiser :P.Last year was so so good to me.I experienced so many happy infact happiest moments in it. I'll never forget this year for blessing me with so many talented and loveable friends who have made me realize that life is not that difficult to be lived.I have so many plans for this new year of my life as well. The most major plan is to strive more harder to become a better person in my personal and professional lives. I really wish my creator blesses me with enough potential to face the upcoming challenges of life boldly and also I become more stronger than last year.Because there is no place in this world for sensitive people, thats what I have learnt from my past experiences.On contrary I also hope that this year brings with it lots of happy moments and memories for me and my little family,that we would cherish forever.

Oh, I forgot to tell u all something, my mother just told me that we might be going out for dinner tonight. Haha I am really excited to have lots of food there and satisfy my appetite, since I feel hungry for my type of food most of the time :P.

I have to go now, stay blessed! <3