Thursday, December 1, 2011

How To Have Fun During Winter In Karachi

So its winter here. I hope you all must've had taken out your cozy blankets,furry sweaters,warm scarfs and gloves inorder to avoid getting ill and becoming a prey of flu.

As you all know that since past incidents Karachiites have become way too brave than they were ever.They don't lock themselves in their homes from the fear of target killing or kidnapping. They brush aside all those headlines from the news channels which tend to paralyze the life in metropolis on the order of any political leader.Believe it or not Karachiites now don't pay any heed to them.All they desire for now is to be optimistic and live their live to the fullest with their families, safely and securely. The motto behind their life style is that if a tragedy is gonna strike it can strike in the house as well so why suffocate yourself in house by the fear of being snatched or robbed.So i m completely sure about it that all the Karachi people must be looking forward to make this winter to be the best one.
Here is a guide that would be able to help you to have a blast this winter a) because you love your city, b) because you have no other option than to stick around here.

Hang Out :

Plan outings or get together with friends more often during winters. If you cannot afford to go to a restaurants because of an empty wallet problem, the one which I am experiencing these days as I am also left with zero pocket money, streets of Burns road is still an option with its mouth watering and easily affordable food.
          You and your friends can buy yourselves ice creams but make sure that you have put on your sweaters otherwise you can catch a cold and a sore throat. Drink lassi in clay glasses in this weather. Trust me guys you will love it.


Arrange Slumber Parties:

 You can set up sleep over with your friends and cousins and watch different movies with them followed by popcorns and other yummy snacks or BBQ on the top floor of your house.After that you can also play so many games such as night cricket match, football and also scrabble, uno, ludo and plenty of other indoor games.
               Also you can throw a surprise birthday party if the birthday date of any of your siblings or closed one is near.Try to prepare the birthday cake yourself if you have oven in your house and decor it with bunties and a room in your house with colorful stuff. Don't forget the snow sprays.
                 Seriously it feels so good to see that magical smile on the face of your closed one specially when the reason behind it is you yourself.


Your garden is the best stress reducer.It helps a lot in relieving the emotions of anxiety and provide break from everyday life's hassle.Hence do it in the morning you will feel so much peace. Winter brings with it a lot of options for planting that you are liable to go dizzy while choosing.If you live in a house with a huge garden you can plants so many vegetables in this weather such as broccoli,spinach,carrots,salad,radishes etc.If you live in an apartment or in a small house you can also grow bamboo shoots and many shade loving plants as well. You can add more fun by inviting your friends to help you out with painting clay pots red. Thus its a kind of meditation that brings you close to nature.

Prank Call

Take a sim that is not in your use or buy one if you don't have any in the house. Do prank calls to your loved ones but make sure you don't crack out serious jokes because if in any case you get caught you might end up getting grounded by your parents. Though you are permitted to play any kind of prank with KESC people with an unknown sim and you know the reason why.

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