Friday, December 9, 2011


 Hello my lovely friends!

I hope you all are doing well.I have been pretty busy these days with my papers, ok ok I won't start rantiong about my papers as always lol.

I wanted to share with you guys something totally crazy. You know what today was supposed to be our science exam. My whole class was sitting at the staircase of our department and anxiously waited for our professor to show up.My groupmates were so excited that they had glued their eyes on the pathway to check on every motorcyclist, hoping if that was our science teacher.

Meanwhile our chit chat session was also in process.Nobody was interested in revising the subject. After a few mins bush screamed that hey look! finally our teacher is here. But when that bike came a little closer that person turned out to be an ultimately funny and weird guy who had a bandana knotted on around his neck.We all bursted out in laughters

After a few minutes another man arrived with an envelope in his hands.We thought that our teacher might had sent his assistant to conduct our examination. He sat under the tree separating the papers apart. Bush and I became more curious, so we approached him to find out if we were right.

When we asked him if he was there to take our exam he gave us an amused look and replied in negative. With our frowned faces we returned back.

While sitting on the staircase in cold whether an extremely crazy idea came up in my mind and I was more startled when everybody there loved it and at first agreed to it. Idea was to take a ride of our awesome university on a rickshaw lol :D

Ok coming back to our exam part, when after a long wait everybody got fed up, we decided to go to the dean's office to inquire about why our paper was cancelled. A friend by mistake messaged a text to our teacher that we were going to protest infront of the dean office.

We came to know about it when after  we had reached there. A classmate received a phone call that Sir has arrived and he's angrily asking all the students who are protesting to come back. We got so scared and decided to get out of that place.

Tazeen was with me. First we were walking then we both realized that he has a motocycle and he can reach us in a very short time. So we started running. really very fast. Lol seriously Tee and I actually ran..Imagine how hilarious the whole scene would be :D

There were so many people glaring at us while we were running. Some were smiling and the others were giving sarcastic looks. But we didn't care at all. We kept running and all this turned out to be really very adventurous :D..Then we both joined other classmates with on the other route. When everything was cooled down we reached the department.

Later on our sir had announced a new date for exam. Tee's dad came to pick her up  we both hugged each other smiling with excitement regarding the whole running scene. I with the rest of the friends headed to the gateway of university to catch up our buses.

 I would end my post here. Have a great day everyone! :)


  1. Haha, Sounds like a day and a half :P

  2. Lol yeah..but we didn't realize where time flew away cx we were so involved in experiencing the ultimate fun! :D

  3. Hahahahaha.
    Sounds like fun.
    And tiring. Too much running :P

  4. *Here because Tee told me to read this, and everyone*

    Lol! Must have been a funny experience for sure!!!

  5. Ovais: welcome to my blog :)...Honestly it didn't feel like tiring at all at that moment..infact it was sounding like something hell crazy lol :D

  6. Zeeshan: Welcome..Yes it was!! :D

  7. If only we had a camcorder. :D

  8. Seriously!! i wish we had :D..i'll bring it for our plan of surveying our university on a rickshaw lol