Friday, December 2, 2011

Two Faced!

Be polite to all but intimate with a few~

This is a saying i read a few days ago while browsing on the internet.We all are familiar with people with dual personality. The ones who are good to u on your face and hate you secretly. All of us experience such people at some point in time. We only realize about their reality when the show us their actual ugly face.

In today's world when there is so much negativity in our vicinities we sometimes don't realize how to differ between friends and fows. Even our relatives get so jealous that they can't stand that you are happy and contended in your life. Due to this in many cases blood relations also end up in breakups.

It gets so disheartening when your closest ones turn out to be so diplomatic. On your face they portray themselves as the nicest and the most adorable creatures on the planet whereas later they turn out to be the worst back stabbers that are beyond imagination lol.

I would like to share another quote that crossed my sight while reading young world (dawn) a few years ago:

God made relatives..Thank God we can choose our friends~

After being ditched by dozens of people and every time ending up feeling like a fool I have come to the conclusion that its useless to expect from anybody to be sincere to you and it would be better not to involve people that much into your life because the more you get closer to the people the more you'll be hurt in the end. Its our life and we have all the rights to live it our way. So it should be our decision to decide who should stay with us and who must not. I agree that we cannot get rid of some of our sneaky double faced relatives after all we have to tolerate them till the end, we still have the option of not to let them interfere into our matters and permit them to ruin our lives.

Now I would end up my post here. I badly need prayers because I have my exams coming up from next week. Since its exam season so i guess most of you must be going through the same situation, so very best of luck to you all. May you all succeed in whatever you do in your life! Ameen.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Beautiful post!
    I'm sharing it on twitter.

    Hope you had a lovely one too.


  2. Thank you so much Nas..your comments always elevate my spirit to write more :D

  3. So true :).an eye opening post .

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  4. sure izdiher and thank you loads! :)

  5. its v hard to decide on which face do v slap on two facd pplz..:P