Monday, December 26, 2011

A New Start

 Hola to u all!! :D

Yayy its vacations now!! Finally..I am super excited for this winter break and have loads of plans for it ahead.

I have to share with u all something. The end of my 2011 has been really amazing Alhamdulillah. Firstly because because my father got me a car and secondly, I got selected for Karachi Tips. I'll always love my 2011 it has been an awesome year of my life.Those of you who are unaware of Karachi Tips let me give its brief view.

Its a platform which promotes positivity of Karachi. Its has three founders. Abdullah (who happens to be my classmate also :) ), Baakh Nusrat, Bilal Khan.

 Karachi Tips is an organization that aims to portray the positive side of Karachi in everyway possible. The members are highlighting Karachi only because for now they first want to focus on making this city of lights positive. They wan't to eradicate all the differences that are emerging within different areas of the city.They want all the citizens to become united and stop judging Karachiites on the basis of areas in which they are living in. Its a new trend here seen nowadays that people ae becoming hypocrites and make their opinions about people living in lyari, malir and other different areas.They want people to realize that how silently such type of behaviors of fellow citizens are tearing our city into different parts.This platform is totally pure from all the political dirt.Their goal is to intensify patriotism and spread the feelings of love and peace among all the Karachiites.

I also met Kulsoom baji who has been a mentor to the KT's threesome awesome creators, throughout the journey so far.I totally adore her. She is such a positive person and in the darkest times of my life I have learn't alot from her by reading her blog. She makes you realize that no matter in how worse situation you are in, you have the potential in you to make things right with a smile on your face. If I am optimistic towards my life today and love it the way it is,its only because of her. I never thought I would get a chance to meet her and would tell her how much I respect and admire her. She has been an ultimate inspiration for me. But the moment I came to know she will also show up, I was like, woww!! this event is getting really huge for me, more than I had expected. :D

Its a small world seriously i realized it yesterday! :D..You know why!?!?.. Because I met the one whose blog I have been following since last year. Reached her blog through Tee's sky and I seriously love whatever she writes. She was there and I didn't even realize it because obviously I had never seen her live before. Until the next day I found Sana Castellino in KT's bloggers family. Lol yeah it was her. I was really glad to know that now through Karachi Tips we'll get to meet more often.

I am really looking forward to all the tasks and the Launch of K-Tip's blog IA in the upcoming year.Here's a photo for the website.

I'll end up my post here, because I have plenty of house work assigned by my mom here which needs to get finished by the evening. Though I'll be back soon :)


  1. Awesome write up! Thanks for the mention and liking my blog, I feel honored! =D
    Also, wow! You got your own car, lucky you. Loved this post! And yes, Kulsoom bajee rocks! =)

  2. Yayy :D..Thank you for liking what i have written.. its an honor for meee also that u appreciated <3