Friday, July 22, 2011

Sometimes Happiness Means Just To Move On


Grief comes in everyone's life. We all express it in a different way because ALLAH has made each one of us different. Death is not the only thing for which we are supposed to feel sad. But still when things are going wrong and are not in your control always remember to look at the positive picture.

 Once my brother Balaj said,” If things are going wrong, they won't get worse. They will only get better." And its so true!!.Just remember that no matter in how worse situation you are, sooner or later, something good will definitely come out of it.

In life sometimes our bad times in the end prove to be good for us in a positive way. They teach us those lessons which nobody on this planet bothers to teach us. Though the bad times we face in our lives force us to hate and curse our freaking lives. We have to go through that intense pain. The pain can be in the form of losing a closed one or may be because of some kind of change.

Change in life is inevitable. This is the only constant that everyone has to face in life. Even the most beautiful butterfly has to go through metamorphosis before it could fly. Energy matter everything on this planet at some point changes. The most important thing for us to realize is that how we view change it completely depends on us. Some people fear change whereas to some it can feel like a challenge for which they can do anything in order to win it. Change in this world is constant which if taken positively can prove to be a second chance in your life.

So accept all the changes whether they are good or bad and move on. No matter in how helpless situation you are, just get up and tell your problems that who is the boss. Love your creator. All praises are for HIM. Thank him everyday for blessing you with so amazing friends, brothers and sisters. What else one needs? Celebrate each and everyday and never ever think negative.

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