Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Unbelievable Ending

 A story of cricket that started on 19th February was ended on 2nd April. With a totally unpredictable and unfair win. I am saying unfair because we could have won this tournament and i know that.The captain of our team played the tournament with a true sportsman spirit,zeal and courage unlike those psycho Indians. But unfortunately our team was asked to lose the semi final because of our politicians and those stupid animal type population living in India. Seriously this defeat is so so hard to absorb. Well time heals all scars..

                        Poor Afridi was being humiliated since the beginning of the tournament. The PCB chairman took so long in deciding the leader of the team squad but finally he surprisingly took a wise decision by selecting him which was unexpected from Ijaz Butt ,since he is a one stupid, good for nothing loser. Afridi took all this as a push up and leaded the whole team so brilliantly throughout the tournament which is totally remarkable. He brought smiles on the all time frowned up faces. A wave of hope and happiness was raced through the wounded and shattered hearts of the Pakistani nation.There was no cast discrimination seen anywhere in Pakistan. All Pakistanis stood up, got united on a single platform just to support their beloved team. And off course through Afridi's amazing captain ship and nation's support and prayers our players were able to make it to the Semi finals. A 6th rank team to which ICC on the first place didn't want to play qualified for the semis. This was a huge punch in the faces of ICC's members in my view.

But during semis Indians proved that they are shit people living on the planet earth. Who the hell gave their media the right to insult our team?!?! Just to win the semi final they tried to increase pressure on Pakistani players and gave threats to kill them. And all those shcmuks succeeded in doing this, off course  because they had the support of  psychotic idiot politicians. I still remeber that at the day of semi final even my 5 year old cousin who was ultimately excited,had painted his face green and was screaming out loud that yayy we'll win today!! But our corrupt politicians couldn't tolerate the smile on our faces so they enforced out team to lose the match.


By the end of that match our captain cried and so did the whole nation.. Apart from that he also said sorry. Which he shouldn't have. Its totally understandable that all team players were going through such a difficult phase at that time. After all life and family come first. Obviously they couldn't play the match at the cost of their own and their loved one's lives. The moment Gilani gave a call to Afridi I had a feeling that the match is gone from our hands but still i love my team. I want to say a big THANK YOU to Afridi for fulfilling his promise and defeating the strongest teams like Australia , West Indies etc. Fine India won but we all know how honest the win was!! Bloody CHEATERS!!

No matter what in my eyes Pakistan is the winning team and it will always be. I wish they continue making us proud by playing the way they played in this tournament except for the semi final's match lol :P... INSHALLAH!!!                          


  1. We cannot write stories based on assumptions. Whoever fault it was, what we saw is that many of the players didn't make it win. How come the leading wicket taker of the tournament couldn't take a single wicket in the semi?

    Please write for players like Saeed Ajmal too who were not sold and performed everytime when given chance, even in the semi.

    Now besides that. Nicely written. I'm glad to see a little girl's deep interest in Cricket. Keep writing, you'll meet skies Inshallah.

    - JTS

  2. thank you so much for sharing your view jibran. I will definitely try to improve my mistakes in my upcoming posts regarding cricket..And thanks alot for the wishes :D