Friday, July 22, 2011

Be The Change You Want Others To Be

Attitude of a person shows his mental position and his way of thinking.Thus positive attitude of a person and his optimistic approach towards life is the root cause of a successful life.Positive thinking begins from the core of who we are.People find those people attractive who are positive and spread positive energy into their surrounding rather than those who always have a frown on their face and are pessimistic towards their lives and others in their vicinity.Life is too short to mourn over the negativities happening in one's life.Bad times and obstacles are the part of it and one should learn from his mistakes,endure the grief and move on.

Sometimes somethings in life just happen when we least expect them and sometimes when we expect the worse from our lives miraculously things turn out to be quite well.Our future is a complete mystery .We don't have a control over what life has store in it for us.But one thing is for sure that it entirely depends upon the thinking and the approach of the person how to handle the situation of crisis.The less the person dwells on life's negativity the lesser he will be effected.So think positive in order to play the cards of your life in a better way.

It really does pay to be positive and the advantages include enhanced health and longevity in life.Optimistic people exhibit more coping skills as compared to pessimistic people.They are more resilient when it comes to facing challenges of adversity.

Positive people possess more friends as compared to the negative ones.Positive thinking enables a person to maintain a broader perspective and see the big picture which helps him to identify the solutions whereas negative people maintain a narrower perspective.

Thoughts are under one's control.The pessimistic way of thinking is a habit and habits can be changed.Optimists believe that they are accountable for good and in turn good things will eventually come their way.One way to overcome stress and to think positive is through physical activity ,meditation,aerobics and other different exercises.They can act as the stress relievers.Daily exercise vanishes away the tensions to some extent.It also increases the person's self esteem and lowers the symptoms of mild depression and anxiety.

So the next time whenever a negative thought comes into your mind, think of the alternative situations and always remain optimistic because life is amazing.

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