Monday, July 25, 2011

Smile To Change

Change in life is completely inevitable.This is the only constant thing that everyone has to face in life.Even the most beautiful butterfly has to go through metamorphosis before it could fly.Energy,matter and everything in this world at some point changes.Its up to us how we view it.Some people fear change whereas to some it can feel like a second chance in life.

We all dream to be the best in our lives and struggle hard for the betterment of our future.But while doing all this we sometimes tend to forget that it is also important to enjoy these moments as well.With regard to this the best possession which everyone has been given by our creator is a smile .It brings a positive change in everyone's life,A smile from someone can bring happiness to others also.It vanishes away all the negativities from mind and provides courage to face the upcoming challenges boldly.Just rewind in your last month when you had moments to smile.Recall them and feel how much fun it was at that point in

Undoubtedly money also brings change and prosperity but it doesn't always result in making people smile sometimes because a person had a bad day with his boss and the list of reasons goes on.But the change which smile brings in us is completely different.When we actually smile it makes us feel good for our own existence.This change may not be for a lifetime but it can be for a few moments at least.By just smiling while facing everything you don't lose the ownership of this world as your own place.Imagine yourself in a situation in which you are having a dispute with your loved one.If you'll go out of your mind and will say bad things to that person this might result in breakup of your relationship for which you might regret forever.But if you will calm down and make yourself realize that everybody makes mistakes and with a smile on your face will forget that person who is actually sorry,then the bond between you two will eventually be saved

Being human I totally agree that one cannot have fun all the time.But this smile has to be the part of our boring and challenging life.It brings a break to help you get relaxed,charged up and also makes you feel comfortable while working.Do spent sometime in your comfort zone.If you don't have one then create it as it will help you smile freely and helps you to stay happy even if you are living a boring routine life.Redundancy to anything leads to instability and it should be avoided smartly.In the end i would like to say implement this gesture in your life and turn your world beautiful


  1. Oh subhanAllah! :) I loooooooove your blog! It's so inspiring! You have no idea how happy I am seeing your blog.

  2. Aww thankyou soo much Asiyah for liking my blog that much :D