Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Change Is For Good


My summer internship has started off and I am having a really great time at my new office. I have gotten a chance to experience new people, observe new things, make new friends its really exciting Alhumdulillah and so I am trying to make the most of it. Though I really miss home and my parents alot here..*sigh*

Change keeps happening each and every second on this earth. Even the most beautiful has to go through metamorphosis. It can change your entire life in a moment.Good change is always exciting and we don't find any sort of difficulty in dealing with it. But when the change is bad, it can be at times easily ignorable but sometimes it can be devastating, we cannot control what happens in our life but its always in our hands how we deal with all time existing changes in our lives.So always keep a positive mindset towards your life to make it beautiful and inspiring for others.

I'll keep this post short, wanted to write more, but i have got plenty of work to finish off at the moment, i might come back tomorrow..


  1. The best way to enjoy change is not try to think how it will be ! just go with the flow and let it come as it is.

    I hope its easier for you to accept changes than it is for the rest.

    ~tc. LT