Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Street Children

Ever since I have started driving, there are so many things that come across my sight each day, some of which are likeable and some are not. Amongst the ones I hate, seeing street children here and there hurts me the most. Poverty and begging is not something uncommon in our country anymore and is disliked by almost everyone who keeps heart.

Through them all of us must've had learnt something so far. Every time I feel like ranting and complaining about the obstacles that come my way, I put myself in their position and wonder that there must've been any good deed practiced by my parents that today we our not in their place.

The situations and circumstances they face are heart wrenching.These children go through the most bitter experiences of emotional and mental abuse.Little innocent girls are subjected to harassment. They strive everyday to satisfy their hungry stomach. Some of them are  the migrants who come from the other countries. They beg in order to send money to their parents or foster parents back at home.These children are not provided with jobs because of illiteracy, unemployment and also in some cases because they donot belong here.

Many religious extremists are also evolved among these innocent beings. The reason behind these children choosing this path is not only because they go to unauthentic madrassahs, its also the feelings of helplessness, insecurity and fear of being abducted that make them get involved into wrong doings.Everyday a new disheartening story emerges in their vicinity, due to which they end up feeling vulnerable.The only option they feel then is to get involved into suspicious activities and we are forced to see them with the flash of incrimination in our eyes, without considering how traumatizing their side of the story would be.

What amazes me the most is that despite of being deprived of all the essential facilities of life, they manage to smile. I once gave a little girl who was asking for money an eclairs with some coins, and was startled to see her so happy, she kept waving me goodbye smilingly, until I was gone. At that time I realized how lonely these children are, they don't want money only, they need attention,love, counseling, security and care. I know its impossible for us to totally lessen up their problems.We always give charity and wish that the lives of these children gets better whereas we can do alot more than that.

 Whenever we come across such children, we must talk to them politely and share a bit of ourselves like exchanging names and asking them what is their favorite game, what they like, this would definitely mean alot to them.Gift them colorful stuff like pens, crayons or anything that has colors, they would definitely find fun in having them.Make them feel that even if its for a moment, you do CARE. Through these little acts you would for sure leave a positive mark on their lives.

Another great way to make them happy and feel special is through digital camera. These kids love it if someone takes their pictures. Haha! you won't need to ask them to pose for you they would themselves start making funny and wacky faces. My maid who is now in Punjab once did this.

 One morning she said" Baaji apnay phone say meri aik photo lelein " 

I said ok and took one,you all won't believe just because I fulfilled this tiny wish of her, she started bringing flowers for me everyday. That was so overwhelming for me.

So always treat these lovable creatures with affection and donate as much as possible, because a prayer that comes out from an innocent heart can change your messed up life within a moment. 


  1. This is a beautiful post! You are right, despite all their poverty, they still have the most valuable things.
    Makes your heart ache thinking about them.

  2. hmm...why not you posted her picture ?

    It shows poverty has nothing to do with good heart...right?

  3. Nas: Thankyou so much :)

    Thinking:she took most of them with her,i'll see if I have any in my pc and will post it here.Yes u guessed it right :D

    p.s thanks for the follow! :)