Monday, April 9, 2012

The Survivor's Philosophy

Picture suggested by Abdul Rahim(artisan  ) 

The city of lights does not happen to be same anymore. The daily life routine here gets paralyzed at anytime, at the whim of any politician. A mobile phone or any other materialistic possession is considered more valuable than human life, the looters easily stab the citizens without even considering to give a second thought to this cruel act.A new trend of killing has been seen in past riots  i.e if a single member of any political party gets assassinated, its necessary to kill 100 more innocent people in the name of protest. The supporters of so many families have been killed mercilessly so far and such conditions of the metropolis are getting worse instead of  being better

It has become the utmost desire of every Karachiite to lead a normal sedentary lifestyle,which seems to be quite impossible in a country which is lead by filthy politicians.In our city there are two types of survivors existing. Firstly the ones who love their country from the depth of their heart and the other category includes those people who don't have any other option than to live here. But still no matter to which category you belong to, the point is you are living here and you happen to be a lucky survivor.

By now we all have become quite resilient. Most of us must' ve had experienced the fear of being mugged or heard crazy stories of violent experiences from other family members. But a positive survivor must never give up on living life to its fullest here. All one desires here is that his her family here lives a safe and secure life. But there's no point in suffocating ourselves at home and feeling like as if we are living in some kind of a cage. If a tragedy is to strike it can strike at home too.

Its always good to take appropriate measures though every time before going out. In order to keep your precious cell phone from being snatched its better to take a simplest set as a substitute outside,keeping in mind that precautionary measures are always better than regretting for your stuff in the end, the ladies here have become so cautious that they don't prefer wearing their expensive gold jewellery anymore.

Most importantly by the end of experiencing every violent act all we try is to stay as sanely as possible.


  1. Just need a bit of tweaking. Otherwise, very well written :)
    And it's our courage that we are still living with a dream that one day this city will be peaceful as we have always dreamt. Kudos to us :)

  2. true....nice post again.

  3. @Zain: yeah i checked my typos.. they were too many :P n yep kudos to us all :D

    @thinking" Thank you soo much :).. n also thanks for bearing with my typos :D

  4. Very very thoughtful post!

  5. Liked the article. But the editing bothered me too much. And you should read my 6th last tweet as well :p