Saturday, March 17, 2012



Hugging is the gesture when practiced towards someone shows that person that how much you care for them. A sincere honest hug always expresses your gratitude towards the other person.Sometimes we hug someone spontaneously in our emotions of joy and sometimes in the moment of sorrows its gets quite difficult to say that we them them but we badly do, we sometimes actually crave for someone to hug us. Hugs make us feel warm and also we can sense the strong presence of the other person for whom we mean a lot and off course that person becomes closer to us as well.

Even the hardest heart melts with one hug.Sometimes a person standing right behind you apparently seems to be quite happy and contended in his life, but there can be a possibility that he is just pretending to be this way, whereas deep down inside he's struggling to get a grip of himself, trying to counteract his demons and fears. He might be shattered but may be he just doesn't want to tell the wold that he is tearing apart from the inside. That person can be us also. Because bad times don't come with an alarm bell and life can turn over to its dark page unexpectedly at any point in time.  So it is very necessary to be atleast enough expressive that whenever you feel like sharing your feelings with your closest ones you should tell them and without any hesitation let them know that " Dude I need a HUG" Phaleeez. Because its always useless to stay silent and let yourself to deteriorate from the inside.

Always remember hugging is a gesture that intensifies each and every relation.You know what, in your hugging list your parents must always be on the top of the list. So get up and hug them for being the super coolest people on the planet earth. Whatever you are and whatever you will become it would be only because of their sleepless efforts for bringing you up.

Le me leaving now.. Will catch up with you guys soon! Take care <3

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