Friday, January 6, 2012

Has The Glory Been Restored?

After being fed up of all the India's K shows influenced Pakistani Dramas in almost all of the channels, I decided to buy Cd's of the old drams produced in the time of our parents. There is an old soul in me that makes me LOVE Dhoop kinaray,Tum Se Kehna Tha, Ann Kahi etc. I am a huge Marina Khan fan. Everytime I watch these drama's I reminisce those golden times of my childhood when I used to watch them on cd player with all family members, till late at night.

I had totally lost hope that our drama series could improve, because back in time the only thing I could see being televised was glamor, our directors and producers had this absurd and bizarre thing in their mind that the more the actors will expose themselves the more fame and fortune they'll gain.

But in 2010 and 2011 Pakistani drama's seem to have regained their previous decency and have become totally family oriented. Drama industry is now realizing that they should keep plagiarism aside and should portray our culture which is extremely beautiful in every way.From clothes to food,music to Sufism, its high time that Pakistani culture has to be celebrated all over the world

Drama's such as Daam, Mera Naseeb and the one that is being discussed by almost each and every aunty out there, it has also gained the viewership of younsters as well, yes I am talking about the 'humsafar' whose rage is increasing as much as its episodes are being pursued.

                             "Wo humsafar tha magar us se humnawaai na thi"


                          "He was my life partner, but sharing a life with him wasn't meant to be"

Above mentioned phrase was taken from a really catchy title song of this drama series. Among many reasons this song also has played a vital role in helping the serial to gain a massive fan followng all over the world. The song totally exemplify the central idea of the story i.e a middle class girl gets married to a highly qualified individual who belongs to a rich family.

Though the story is not very impressive but the actors have put in their stupendous efforts, also there's a plus point that Fawad and Mahira had a huge number of fans after their films Khuda Ke Liye an Bol respectively and both are love and admired by the public.So the smart choice of actors also added a spark in the success of this whole series. Thus a big applause to the directors of Pakistani Drama Industry for their brilliant comeback and for producing that are that are worth watching and are being cherished worldwide.

In the end I would like to suggest to all those who like me are the followers of the star world seasons, must give their drama;s a glance, I bet you all won't regret in the end.


  1. I totally agree.I started watching Indian channels as it has an easy access here in Emirates.Once i followed a drama on u-tube and it made me switching to dish TV where i can see Hum TV,Geo,Tv1,A plus but only 1 Indian channel and to my surprise i am very happy.I agree and appreciate if we could support our drama industry because they really deserve it.

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  3. I also started watching when the only hot topic of conversation among my friends was humsafar, so inorder not feel like a fish out of water i also started watching it and gradually. n I love it too :)