Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Second Chance (Part 1)


Jack: Lets make a deal Ben, you'll play basket ball with me every evening after getting back from your tution.

Ben: Sure my best bro

They both had recently won a singing competition where Ben played the guitar and Jack sang the song. They were good at almost everything.Their hearts were wired together and the bond of these two was unbreakable.They both loved gallivanting and were also fond off discovering quaint places across their streets, to have fun and spend time together and most importantly they were the best students of their classes, which was a huge reason behind the proudness of their mother upon both of them.

Jack was nine years younger than Ben, who was the eldest among the two of them and was about to turn twenty four that year.Ben was studying engineering from a well reputed university whereas jack studied in school. Ben was quiet, shy but daring at the same time.Quiet because he was the eldest and had responsibilities. But he became a completely different person when he was with Jack. His little brother meant a world to him.

Their mom and dad i.e Mr and Mrs Stevens had broken up when Jack was ten.Ever since Ben became more careful and concerned towards his little brother.

Ben was studying in his last year of engineering college and the day of his convocation was near. The whole family was super excited for Ben's graduation. He was a brilliant and most popular student among all his mates.

Atlast the moment came for which the whole family specially Ben's Mom had been waiting for. All the hard work paid off, Ben cleared his last semester with excellent grades. He went on stage to receive his B.E certificate from his teacher.

Professor George: We have high hopes from you my boy

Ben: I also have high hopes from myself , Sir.

Prof. George : Good Luck!

Mrs Stevenson's eyes welled up at this, she stood up with joy and Jack started jumping on his seat in excitement. Ben thanked his teacher , with a blushing and grinning face came down the staircase of the stage and hugged them both. After the whole event was finished Ben's friends told him about a party at Peter's place. He confirmed his plan without asking his mother's consent.

On their way back home Mrs Stevens received a call, from work on her cell, it was a quite long call, after a few moments Ben stopped the car in front of his house. His mom told him with a sad tone in her voice that she had to leave for work because its an urgent call. She then strictly forbaded both the boys to get out late at night. Ben argued that he had a plan to hangout with his friends.

"Drop the topic Ben you are staying at home tonight and thats it", Mrs Stevenson muttered and left for the stop to catch a bus.

Ben went inside the house along with jack, with a frowned face.Unable to resist himself ,Ben late at night got out of his room. He grabbed the car keys and secretly went into the garage. The moment he ignited the car he saw a torchlight reflecting into his eyes through the windshield. Jack was standing out side the car. He asked Ben to take him with him, or stay at home and watch movie with him. But Ben was reluctant to do that so he refused. This made Jack so upset and he stood there gazing at the ground. Ben's heart melted at this and he allowed Jack to get in the car.

In car he still seemed quite sad, Ben asked him the reason behind his mood. Jack then told him that he didn't wan't him to leave the city and move to London for the completion of his Diploma.He further said that things from then won't be same anymore. Ben then looked at his brother with a smile and told that its only about two months, after that everything will get back to normal.

Jack gave a lopsided smile at this and gave Ben a brotherly punch on his arm. Ben got amused and all excited at this that he got so involved in playing the brotherly game, he didn't even realize when he lost the control over car's steering. Suddenly he saw that there was a car behind them, Ben pressed the break with pressure due to which their car first revolved and then ceased at a single point in the middle of the road. He then took a sigh of relief, but suddenly when Ben looked outside the window that was in the direction of Jack, he was left stunned along with his mouth opened. Jack asked him if he was all right. But before Ben could answer him the bus that was rushing towards their car, hit it so bad that the pieces of glasses and seat doors were shattered on the road, all over. The two brothers were left stuck in the remaining skeleton of the car that headed downwards, badly wounded. After a few minutes the Sheriff with the rescue team came into that area.

Jack: Mom will scold us for all this Ben, please you don't leave me here..please

Ben: I won't leave you, I am right here, don't worry we'll get out of here soon.

Jack: Promise me you won't ditch me like Dad.

Ben : Believe me I won't, I am not him.

Jack couldn't hold his breath for long, but Ben was able to survive after getting several electric shocks on his chest. When doctors told him about his brother's demise, he couldn't forgive himself.His brain had psychologically shutdown and he was left traumatized even after being discharged from the hospital. Ben blamed himself for that accident, and lived with that painful grudge in his heart from so on.

To be continued....

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