Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sardi and Garmi Monsoon In Karachi

bazaar's soup..YummYummmm :)

Ok so I wrote this article for Karachi tips while it was raining. But sadly it stopped by the time I finished writing it! lol. So I thought I should post it here. Btw I had to write it in Minglish :).

We all love rain. It is the only forever true shower for the whole universe.In Karachi rain is considered as a huge blessing by the creator.All citizens crave for it throughout the year and when it finally rains they get totally crazy about it.They come out of their houses to fulfill their utmost desire of enjoying the weather to the fullest.

Karachiites are ultimately resilient, who do not believe in locking up themselves in their houses from the fear of being struck by any violent act.Getting wet in rain here, is considered as the most amazing enjoyment here.During summers,every time when it rains, gali k larkay to play cricket whereas some prefer to play basket ball on their terrace.The lovely view to see little children, searching for papers to make boats and the way they excitedly with grinning faces they leave them on the water floating by the pavements, is so cute that it takes one back to his own childhood memories.

Young girls get dressed up in their brightest outfits and with the umbrella in their hands they walk on foot towards the nearest jalebi and samosay wala, who is for sure surrounded by ample of people in this awesome weather. Everyone anxiously waits for his turn with the only thought in mind that yaar Jaldise baari aaey and I can have these heavenly delicious mouth watering Jalebiyaaan in my mouth.

The weather in summers after rain becomes so pleasant that it seriously becomes must to give a visit to the beach.Oh!!! How can i forget to mention the yummy crispy pakoraas here.Trust me guys having ghar k banay huay ammi k haath k pakoray, served with green sauce hamesha proves to be the best moonsoon treat ever.Moreover thandii lassi which if drunk in mitti ka glass specifically does wonders. Ok, so I am DROOLING now.

The whole view after rain,mitti ki khushbu,the green plants,rainbow (if it shows up in the sky),everything is so mesmerizing. It feels like we are viewing nature in its new fresh look.

Though the scenario of raining in winter is a bit different. Karachiites donot go out if it drizzles during winter because they know that going out wo bhi itnii thittarti hui sardi main , would be a really bad idea , Pakka Kulfii Jam Jaegi!! So they enjoy by staying at home usually.

Since winter comes with the variety of seasonal vegetables, carrots top the list amongst all of them.During barish we Karachi k log LOVE having garam garam Gajar ka halwa, dry fruits, Aloo bharay parathay and many other delicious desi dishes aur Thelay wala chicken corn soup tou Ufff!! <3.Also if you are crazy enough to have icecream and risk yourself from getting sore throat afterwards, in this freezing cold after rain, then do go for it!!!Atleast aik Jet Spot tou zaruuuri hai janab.

Children entertain themselves by playing ludo,playstation and other indoor games whereas teenagers have fun by inviting their friends and cousins to watch movies at their place on by going out for a long drive together.

I enjoy my monsoon in winter by sitting on a comfy couch , beside my room window, to read a book and grab myself a cup of Doodh patti ki chai or hot coffee sometimes. This is a kind of joy for me.  Although when it rains heavily , roads get flooded with water due to poor drainage system, because of which many citizens face a lot of difficult situations. But still we Karachiites stay optimistic and get over everything quite soon, because we LOVE our city to BITS.


  1. this is such a beautiful post! And it was lovely reading it after having been absent for so long!


  2. yeah..i miss posting here :(.. I shall come up with more soon!