Friday, September 16, 2011

Being Thankful!!

Today was quite an interesting day.Though when it was initiated I was in a very low and boring mood,because of two reasons.Firstly my cousin Maliha and niece zoya had returned to Canada few days ago and secondly beause my mom wasn't feeling well today and that made me more upset.

Thus inorder to distract myself from such stressful stuff I decided to get into the kitchen and try making something new, I decided to make this frozen cappuccino, in the end.I really love this coffee.I have tried it several times before everytime I have visited indulge with my cousin, but made it for the first time at home. Trust me while making it I had forgotten every negativity in life all I could experience was joy and fun. Luckily all the ingredients of the recipe were also available at home.Lol I would also like to mention that I created a little bit mess while conducting my cappuccino experiment but after it was ready, in my happiness and joy the whole kitchen was cleaned up within a few minutes.

On the breakfast table I served my Dad some of the coffee. After taking the first sip he told me that he loved it :D.The feeling of making him happy made my day! Honestly <3..My mom unlike me doesnot like coffee at all. She is only obssessed with tea. So I had to finish the remaining cappuccino. Seriously it was so yummy :).

Later on I left for my university.I had fun there too.Though most of my friends didn't showup,but still a really adorable friend of mine, heather came. I had a great day with her.Everyday she is with me in the bus which we take on our way home from the university.I must also tell that being with her reduces the torture of waiting for the bus which I experience every time I am alone.

My friend is really very adorable and I love her :).In the bus when I was feeling hell drowsy she asked me to put my head on her shoulder.Lol! And i actually did that :D..In my ultimate drowsiness I had fallen into deep sleep on it.After a short sleepy nap Iwoke up and told her that her shoulder was the best pillow for me on the planet at that time :)

After getting off the bus I felt so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.I really love her for this gesture :)..When I entered home I found out that in her illness, my mother cooked nihari for me (my second favorite dish)..I was so delicious.

I am feeling like thanking my creator all the time,specially today, for blessing me with such amazing people. I am praying each and every moment for my mom that she gets well soon!! Ameen.

Now I would end up my post here.Goodnight to all the lovely people out there!

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