Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stay Focused

My father always tells me to make sure that u always do justice with your choices in life because if u are not then don’t expect life to be fair to you. We are being examined on this earth on the basis of the choices we make. ALLAH has given us the control to make choices in our lives.

Whether we make good choices or bad its all up to us. Its very easy to make the wrong ones and this is also true that the right path initially might seem to be difficult, full of worries,tensions. But this is the path on which our creator helps us in mysterious ways. Wrong path might get you to succeed temporarily, but in the long run you’ll for sure fail somewhere. On tthis path there are chances that you’ll also hurt your conscience. So always listen to the right voice inside your head and always remain focused on the path its asking you to move on. Sometimes our mistakes make us pay a lot, so its better to take a correct decision before hand, on the basis of our past’s consequences and experiences, rather than getting too late. Because if you are on the wrong path you’ll only be left with regrets..

So always chose that path which has something positive for you in it. Don’t think how others will perceive about what you are doing with your life. People will have opinions about you in any way so just screw the negative people and their negative comments about you.They don’t have a life so they feel good in interfering in yours. Always remember nobody on this earth has the right to judge you, only our creator can judge us. Keep learning new things and never stop making friends because they add color in our lives. But remember you must know how to differ between friends and foes. Also while making new friends don’t forget your besties because if you’ll do that they will kill you lol!!

Have a great day


  1. Lol that's right they will will you :P

    You're very smart, it's good to know what's wrong and right, it's even better to DO what is right (^_^)

    Your blog is so cute, I can't wait to see more of your posts! Thanks for the sweet comment!<3

  2. welcome and thanks to u also for liking my blog! :)