Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Lovely Moments

Today was the most fascinating weekend I had till now,this month.In the morning I went to a well known radio station with my dad and Fatima to apply for an internship there, as its the demand of my field.They accepted our request and the best part is that Fatima and I will be going there together.

My mom today was also feeling good. She also became very happy after hearing the news.I am also pretty much excited because now I have got something to engage myself into in the morning time. Lol being a radio jockey for sometime will be so much fun.I am really looking forward towards having this amazing experience of being an RJ.

A while ago while writing my blog I was thinking that my life has a positive route lately. Which is obviously very good for me. Life keeps changing every now and then. We just have to keep ourselves positive in each and every situation. Though my heart is still ruptured somewhere but I have now started to realize that our bad times teach us those lessons of life which nobody else could teach us. I guess that's why bad things are destined to happen, so that we keep learning and gaining wisdom each and every day.

I wish my life remains the same way,the way it is nowadays. All thanks to my Almighty ALLAH. Without HIM, I am nothing.I would end up my post here, I am keeping it short because I have plenty of work along with one presentation,lined up to get them completed pretty soon.

Have a great night everyone! :)


  1. Hey, Assalamu Alaikum.

    You're right, each and every one of our bad experiences hurt and make us feel like rubbish, but at the same time they give us an opportunity to improve and to learn something. As one person said "You need a little darkness to see the light".

    All the best. Have fun being and RJ!


  2. Hey!!! Wlaikum Assalam..welcome to my blog Nas..Gud to see you here :D..Yea you are absolutely correct..Lol i m having loads of fun as an rj..Thanks a lot for wishing me luck:)