Monday, December 13, 2010


I had a bad day yesterday. I went to my relative's place and they all were there (The unwanted people in my book of life).They were showing how happy they are after all the humiliation they did to me..and i have a feeling that they haven't had enough yet..i wish i could say to them that why the hell u losers can't go away? Can't u see i dun even want to see your faces? Ahh i wish if in this life i was allowed to commit a few murders i would've killed you all so far and yes that would be a happy ending for me..
I sometimes wonder about the person who introduced this phrase "AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER".To me he was a psychotic idiot..seriously real life is all about nightmares. They seem to become a reality. Real life is never fair to anybody.But you know what after all that humiliation one part of my personality still says to life's challenges that BRING IT ON!! I still have a hope that things will get better and that i am still the best.I have a firm faith in my ALLAH that he'll one day take me out of this misery.
For all the respect and love i gave YOU and the way i got re payed i am quiet. I am not heartless like you people and i can't be unnecessarily mean to those as well who love me and to whom i love back.. but now everything seems to be getting on my nerves and i can't stand u people..i wish u all could read this seriously i wish..I know my ALLAH can see my tears and as he has always been supportive and listened to my prayers he'll for sure support me and listen to my prayers further in life as well..
I have to stand up for myself and i have got to move on..And oh yes one thing more..finally I've decided to forgive you yeah i forgive u and i'll also forget that u even exist in my surrounding


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