Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Life is a huge blessing.We sometimes never realize it and sometimes when we realize it, its too late.When we are infants we depend on our parents,when we become adults we get attached to our closest ones.Some of us are expressive and some feel comfortable in keeping their feelings hidden.

Everyone on the planet trusts someone to share feelings with.Sometimes we feel helpless,suffocated,depressed and expect from others to calm us to support us morally and emotionally.But one thing we sometimes forget to realize that as the coin has two sides,our destiny also has a darker side.The side which we never wish to see.When dark times come everybody is left alone.That is the time when we come to know that the only one who stays with us forever is us and our ALMIGHTY ALLAH. That is the time when we begin to recognize our actual self. We come to know that best truth about ourselves that we are strong enough and possess so much potential to endure all the pain and all the failures ourselves.Someone has truly said that relationships come with their expiry date.The earlier we'll understand this fact the better it'll be for us.Thus all goodbyes in or lives definitely teach us something.My goodbyes made me strong.Through them I've learn't to live my life to the fullest so far and also that life is amazing. Kick out the bad memories of the past,give the best in your present and always hope for a better future..


  1. nice lessons :)its imp to move on always..

  2. haha yeah! i hope i won't forget them in life ahead :)

  3. oye...bhaee you should'nt have looked for an image for this..huhhh..
    Life's on the way up so keep moving on nah nah bhaee bhaago;)