Friday, December 10, 2010

Almost perfect...

Today i had my exam in the afternoon but unfortunately it was canceled due to everyday riots in the city.I was very excited that finally my second last paper is on its way to be attempted and then the last one will be awaiting but all excitement vanished when i got the news of cancellation.New date has not been announced yet..Please ALLAH end these exams soon..These days the only thing i do is study. In my one hand there's coffee and in the other one i have my notes..I am taking an extra dose of coffee in order to keep myself awake because i feel more lazy during exams than i oftentimes do! Hehe..
I have already made so many plans for the up coming vacations and i am anxiously waiting for them to come true. I haven't shopped since last two months may be thats why i was visuallising my self with my friends having fun in the mall..Haha u people must be thinking..such a shopaholic i am..umm yeah may be :P..i usually don't shop alot but when i do i feel like buying everything! lol. And oh yes i forgot to tell apart from shopping i'll be going to a book fair as well which will be my most favorite part.My fingers are crossed and i am serously hoping that after exams i'll have plenty of fun! IA
I was wondering that this winter will be full of joys and get togethers..its not going that boring though but i guess its not exciting to the level on which i had expected it to be..Ahh but i think i must get used to these current situations of country instead of geting frowned :(I just wish our country was in safe hands i hope one day it will be..INSHALLAH
Now i am ending my post because i have to study IR.I'll keep posting from now on
Cheers!! :)

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