Friday, October 7, 2011

He Produced Wonders Everytime He Worked!

Steve Jobs has died. I just can't accept this reality. He will be missed alot. As the news of his death broke out and brought the shockwaves in the hearts of all the apple fans and those who were inspired by his persona, it has effected me also. I feel really sad for this huge loss. His name will always be remembered with Thomas Edison, Einstein and other great personalities who changes the world.

Though this demise will never be recovered, I guess not in this decade. He was such a huge inspiration. The video I have shared with you all is ultimately superb.Please if you really want to change your life, don't leave it unheard.On many points in his speech he has stressed that in life no matter in how much difficult situation we are in , we must never lode hope.

I loved that part whee Jobs quoted
                            "Life will  someday hit you  the way bricks hit  the head but you have to
                                                      keep the faith in you alive"

He was so right. In the other part of this influential speech job mentioned about the saying that inspired him alot. There is also another saying just like it but not exactly the same which is my personal favourite, i.e:
          " Dream As If You Will Live Forever, Live As If You Will Die Today"

 Although Steve Jobs is no longer on this planet but this positive man left a huge impact on my mind. We must idolize and follow such people and try to implement such type of  rock hard positive attitude, which helped him to move forward, despite of three most difficult challenges in his life.Thank you Steve Jobs, you help to widen the zones of our thinking and also motivate us to follow our heart and dreams, instead of living a life which others, in our vicinity force us to live!

May u R.I.P....Sigh!                          

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