Tuesday, March 19, 2013


My aunt painted mehendi on my hand.. isn’t it beautiful? :D.. I am feeling so much over jjoyed after havin it painted after so many months. Although I m not much of a henna fan because of its displeasing aroma that is observed after all the flaky part wears off. Besides the smell part I absolutely adore the different kinds of motifs that we are able to design on our hands.

We went to a  wedding last night, it was more scintillating, beyond my expectation infact. I wasn’t very much interested to go at the first place because none of my closed cousins were showing up there as it was the occasion of my mom’s relatives from the extended family. The interesting part began when on the dinner table everybody was having food. All of a sudden my aunt said that I can smell like anything is getting burnt here and its intensifying with every moment passing by. My nose is completely numb these days as I have become a prey to influenza’s attack these days. So I didn’t pay much attention to what she was saying. After a short while a lady with an infant baby started screaming, wedding is about to set ablaze, somebody control this  flaming fire that was about to escalate and was also going to spread through the curtains there.

My uncle was standing with my father, to my astonishment he used the craziest trick to grab the attention of all the waiters within the congregation. He started calling them with random names, names like muzaffar, bashir, jamil. It was an absolutely hilarious scene. I just couldn’t help myself from bursting into laughter. So I did. I laughed out loud and since it was an ultimately inapproapriate to laught at such depressing situation, I was given creepy looks by the people who were standing far away from us. But I continued laughing anyways :P.So everyone’s attention finally got distracted  from the bride and her groom and people came by with lots of water to control the flaming fire.It was one hell of a crazy yet adventurous  wedding and I unexpectedly had a great time.

I m cutting this post short as I have to get ready for my university. Meanwhile you all stay positive and safe wherever you are.

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