Saturday, March 9, 2013

Angel In Human Disguise

One day, during my internship at Geo, when I was heading back towards home in my van there was a lady beggar who came up to ask for money from us. She had an infant child in her hand and was asking for money from us. As everyone opened their bags to help her, she brought her hand inside our van in order to gather. On seeing her, the child exactly did the same. He leaned his fragile and tiny hand and gestured the same way as his mother, to ask for money. The moment his mother saw this, she right away smilingly held his hand, kissed it and politely forbid that innocent baby him from doing that.

This welled up my eyes. A mother's embrace besides being full of warmth also possesses ample concern and compassion. If anybody tries to hurt her child, he for sure would find the mother in an absolute defensive streak. In this world where so much unfairness and injustice prevails mother's love is absolutely unconditional.

These days life is undoubtedly very much frustrating especially during the political unrest within the city where things even from far aren’t seemingly getting better. Sometimes when we are deliriously exhausted after a long tiring day, we ignore the questions from our mothers. Just reminisce about those days from childhood when she used to answer all our questions with the vigor that is still there in her today.

No wonder why presence of paradise exists underneath the feet of a mother. Salute to all those mothers on the street who sacrifice their food just to satiate the hunger of their children, at the cost of their own health. I recently read an article in which a mother from food insecure areas was diagnosed as malnourished whereas her children were perfectly healthy. Their favors and debts upon us can never ever be settled.

This blog post goes to all those outstanding mothers our there striving to provide their off springs a contended life. 

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