Thursday, September 13, 2012

My City Cried Again

Where rain had brought with it so many happy moments, another saddening incident has struck Karachi. More than 300 people have lost their lives so far with the death toll still increasing.

Many people claim that our filthy politicians are conspiring against the citizens by creating such traps. Heart-wrenching scenes were witnessed on screen by our media. The survivors claimed that the exit doors of the burnt garment fact factory were closed.

People who have lost their loved ones are unable to recognize the bodies and many of those who have survived have become handicapped now due to jumping down from the flaming factory. The reason behind the eruption of fire within the factory has not been found yet.

May ALLAH grant paradise to the departed souls and forgive their sins that they committed intentionally and unintentionally. Heartiest condolences to the grief- stricken families  of the victims.  If that is true that this heart-rending incident was conducted on purpose by any party to distract the minds of the citizens, then i curse them. I wish they also go through the pain which the poor families of those people are enduring right now. They also get to know how it feels to lose a son, how a heart tears when one loses his mother,sister, brother. May Allah keep our country safe from such evil acts of selfishness (if it is carried out intentionally) also if it happened naturally in future. For us who are safe must try to re stitch the broken heart of this city by spreading positivity and not giving up our hopes.


  1. I was really saddened to hear of the event. I hope and pray that Allah brings peace to our beutiful country and protects it from evils, both internal and external.


  2. It's very tragic. May the families and loved ones of the victims find the strength to cope with their loss.

  3. @Nas Ameen

    @Noor :)

    @Jnana Ameen..Seriously its so disheartening to witness people getting killed here every now and then