Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So Good To Be Back! :)


Hello my dear fellows! :)

 I know you all must be thinking that I might have stopped blogging, but trust me its not liked that. I really missed my blog and posting here, all the time, during my absence.I was going through some sad stuff lately, but those who are responsible to make me sad, I don't feel like they are worthed to be discussed here.

I have decided that I have had enough complained about my life from my crease but now all I need to do is to thank and praise HIM, for all the blessings I have been bestowed upon.

 Oh and also I have been watching an ample amount of movies these days to keep my self distracted from any negative thought. Also you guys won't believe, I have been eating a too much, specially in this month, I have put on a lot of weight due excessive intake of carbs. So yeah I need to work on that part too.

P.S if you are a desi spicy cuisine lover, you need to try this unique dish called 'khausey'. It has plenty of spagetti, saucy chicken n curry in it, followed by some crispy stuff as a topping.

 In the end I have to say something, I want to make my blog a priority in my life, I hope I do make it, because I can speak my heart out here and share with you all the stuff of my life which I wouldn't want to reveal upon the cruel world because nobody cares there, you just have to take the urge of keeping that cheesy smile on your face, pretending that everything is going awesome in your life, when in actual its not.

No matter how much I manage to post here in future, but you guys are always on my mind during my absence. I LOVE you all and always will!

 Take care everybody... *Waving hand * (grins).


  1. That's good news. :)

    But I really wanna thank you for your kind words on my blog. <3