Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Manne Di Mauj - Hadiqa Kiani

Last night I was very stressed out, because I had a quite rough day at university. For the first time ever since I joined twitter I made a lot of posts there, n u guys won't believe I stayed awake till five O'clock in the morning . A friend of mine Zain,from Karachi Tips helped me to get back into my joyous mood again. Seriously for the first time I realized that tweeting is more fun than wasting your time on facebook. I guess I have started liking twitter more now than FB.

This song that I have shared is my all time favorite :) . Sung by Hadiqa Kiyani, Mane Di Mauj is one of her best compositions ever, in my view.The track is from her debutant album Raaz(1996). I love the lyrics, though I don't understand a word :P,but still I don't know there is some weird kind of affection in this song. It has been composed in regional language of Jammu and Kashmir.

A strange kind of happiness races into my heart whenever I listen to this track.The song takes me back into the time when life was a lot more towards simplicity and hassle factor wasn't there at all.I still remember the time when this song used to get televised on PTV and PTV home and I would get totally excited and would enjoy the song whole heartedly.

 Haha there is a crazy childhood memory also attached with this song that I would like o share here. I was eight years old and was at at my relative's place, where I was singing this song like a retard  and my aunt was listening to me secretly behind the door, after when i finished off she told everyone that i sounded like a punjabi while singing it :).

 Power cut is going to happen at any moment, so I guess I shall be leaving now, but i'll be posting here more soon.. till then take care love you all :)


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